USDA Identifies Taiwan as Major US Coffee Export MarketDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Taipei city

A Taipei city skyline. Taipei will play host to three World Coffee Championships in 2021.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) has identified Taiwan as a key strategic and growing market for coffee exports from the United States.

The report released earlier this month outlines exponential growth and sustained potential of the Taiwanese market, particularly in the higher-end roasted specialty coffee segment, and for Hawaiian-grown coffee.

Taiwan is currently the eighth largest market for food and agricultural exports from the U.S., despite occupying an island approximately the size of Connecticut.

The most recent estimate from the

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Actually? Hot Sauce In Coffee Tastes Pretty Good

OK fine we’ll put the damn hot sauce in our coffee, are you happy now? First it was a hot sauce made for coffee, which upon closer inspection was more of a semi-sweet flavoring with a touch of heat and sounded actually pretty ok in a latte. But you give a Scoville and they take a mile. Now people are saying to put actual, bona fide hot sauce in your coffee, and so we had to try it.

For our taste test, we followed the recipe from a recent Well + Good article. Created by chef Morgan Osborne, the director

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Chef Sheldon Simeon recipes from debut cookbook ‘Cook Real Hawai’i’

During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, TODAY is sharing the community’s history, pain, joy and what’s next for the AAPI movement. We will be publishing personal essays, stories, videos and specials throughout the entire month of May.

Mai tais, coconuts and pineapple on pizza: These may come to mind when you think about Hawaii food. But its cuisine is way more nuanced than that — and Maui chef Sheldon Simeon is on a mission to show how it’s been influenced by the diversity of cultures in the Islands in his debut cookbook, “Cook Real Hawai’i.”

“That was a

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Amara Kitchen: Healthy food is for everyone

By Frier McCollister

Pasadena Weekly Contributing Writer

Timing is everything. The original location of Amara Kitchen opened in Highland Park on a sleepy stretch of Avenue 64 in February 2013.

The small, sunny café decorated with inverted bouquets of colorful, dried flowers served a limited breakfast and lunch menu of health-minded, freshly crafted dishes, perhaps best typified by avocado toast and the ensuing local craze for it — at the time.

That same year, Highland Park was about to explode as LA’s mecca for upwardly mobile hipsters and their budding young families. Sometimes compared to New York City’s Williamsburg

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One Surprising Health Effect of Not Eating Meat, New Study Says

Perhaps Meatless Monday meals should occur a few more days a week. According to research that was presented at the annual European Congress on Obesity (ECO), vegetarians are likely to have healthier biomarkers—measurements that offer a clinical assessment—compared to meat lovers.

Study authors from the University of Glasgow examined the self-reported diet habits of healthy adults (ages 37 to 73) in the United Kingdom. After dividing the men and women into two groups—vegetarians (4,111 of the volunteers) and meat-eaters (a total of 166,516 people)—the investigators observed 19 blood and urine biomarkers associated with various chronic conditions and diseases.

And here’s

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Little Lunch Coffee Goes Big on Aussie Culture in Los AngelesDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Little Lunch Coffee Venice LA

The Little Lunch Coffee & Snacks cafe is now open in Venice, California. All images courtesy of Little Lunch.

Multiroaster coffee bar Little Lunch held its grand opening in Los Angeles earlier this month, offering drinks, light bites and an assortment of uniquely Australian retail items.

Taking its name from the Aussie colloquialism for what most Californians might call school “recess” — as in, a mid-morning schoolyard frolic — the beach-vibey Venice shop prepares classic espresso and filter coffee drinks to serve along with fresh baked goods from local bakeries.

Little Lunch Coffee Venice LA 1

Meanwhile, the small shop’s shelves hold a selection of Australian

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