Climate Change Will Alter the Specialty Coffee Landscape in Ethiopia, Study ShowsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Natural-process coffee on a raised drying bed. Daily Coffee News photo.

Researchers from parts of Africa and Europe have shed new light on how climate change may affect what’s considered “specialty coffee” growth in Ethiopia throughout the rest of this century.

Incorporating advanced modeling for climates, topography and soils using specific geographical reference points throughout the Ethiopian coffeelands, the research provides a first-of-its-kind prediction of how specific Ethiopian coffee growing regions will be affected through 2090.

At the same time, the research explains the market-related consequences of such changes, identifying the real or perceived value of certain Ethiopian origins or

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Akron woman to feature family Ethiopian dishes at NoHi Pop-up

Nardos Street knows her coffee.

Her Akron-based business Bereka Coffee has been around since 2016.

She’s been roasting and selling coffee and keeping the tradition of the Coffee Ceremony alive that she learned as a young girl while being raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Aside from honing her coffee skills and growing a business, Street also has been exploring and reconnecting with Ethiopian dishes.

She’s been entertaining friends and family for years by serving coffee (of course) and working to perfect these traditional recipes from her childhood.

The Doro Wot Atikilt Chicken Vegetable menu item to be offered by Bereka Kitchen by guest chef Nardos Street this weekend at Akron's NoHi Pop-up.

“I grew up helping my mom preparing meals for our family,” she said.

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Trending botanicals in food and beverage, from ashwagandha to American ginseng

While some firms are looking to add signature named ingredients such as turmeric or ashwagandha to add flair or exoticism to their products, most are looking to build a formulation around a particular need state or health benefit, with “some of the strongest interest around the topics of immunity and relaxation,” ​said Romain Thevenot, global product manager botanicals for food & beverage at Givaudan, which acquired botanicals supplier Naturex in 2018.

While these themes were trending pre-pandemic, they have since “really become hot topics we expect to continue in the coming years​,” he added, citing increased interest

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