How to eat a plant-based diet


Plant-based diets are becoming more popular — here’s how do start one.

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When it comes to healthy eating, vegan and vegetarian diets can look pretty restrictive. Nixing all or most animal-based products from your diet (while potentially more sustainable) can feel really depriving if you’re used to having meat, cheese or eggs on a daily basis. 

If you’re looking to reap some of the health benefits that can come from a more restrictive plan like veganism (like lower inflammation levels, for example) good news: you don’t have to give up all of your favorite foods.

Plant-based eating,

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Javae Coffee Helps Grow a Black Audience For Haitian-Grown CoffeesDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Haitian coffee

Javae Coffee offers both green coffee and roasted coffee from Haiti. Photo by Mario Charles, courtesy of Javae Coffee.

A five-year-old coffee importing and roasting company called Javae Coffee has become an advocate both for Black people who grow coffee and for a broader consumer base of Black coffee drinkers hundreds or thousands of miles away.

“For whatever reason, there’s this misconception that Black people don’t drink coffee; that’s crazy,” Javae Coffee Founder Adarian Lherisson recently told Daily Coffee News. “Black people absolutely drink coffee. The fact of the matter, economically, is that Black people in a lot of spaces

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Try your hand making this mocha custard sandwich and a coffee fruit cake

Add these two scrumptious coffee recipes from a kitchen in the 1930s to your baking repertoire this spring.

Coffee has always been a hit in baking recipes, especially these from Aunt Kate’s 1933 Baking Book.

Last September we featured three recipes including a coffee loaf, nut squares and a cream roll from Aunt Kate which use coffee in them as an ingredient.

If you enjoyed those, then the coffee fruit cake and the mocha custard sandwich recipes below are likely to take your fancy as well.

For more recipes from Aunt Kate, take a look at the series so far

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Home chefs whip up healthy food for Covid patients, their families | Pune News

PUNE: Many home chefs in the city have joined the initiative to provide free meals for Covid-19 patients in their areas.
Bhavesh Utmani, an IT professional, who is a home chef during the weekends, said, “My parents and I tested positive for Covid-10 last month and were in home quarantine. It was difficult for us to prepare meals, so we hired a tiffin service. However, my parents did not like the food. So, when I recovered, I signed up on the online portal ‘Covid Meals for India’ to offer free meals for Covid patients in isolation and their families.”
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All Winning Teams Know How to Close Out Games

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Valiant Trackforce May 2021 728×90

Article contributed by Mike Berman, COO, Day & Nite/All Service

It was only this past January that India had declared total victory over Covid-19.

So let the world’s second most populated country’s record-breaking surge in Covid infections over the past month serve as our cautionary tale at a time we otherwise have good reason to be entirely optimistic the worst of this plague is behind us. After all, the Centers for Disease Control recently announced looser mask restrictions, approximately 100 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, and excepting pockets like Michigan, US infections are trending in the right

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