Vegetarian Dinners: Skip the Meat, Keep the Flavor

Internet sensation pasta. Photos by Keri White

These days, there is a lot of momentum around vegetarian eating. Whether you are going fully plant based/vegan or just popping a “meatless Monday” into the calendar every so often, the options for vegetable-centric menus are growing stronger every day.

I also find in the wake of Passover, with its delicious array of hearty dishes like matzah ball soup, brisket, lamb, roast chicken and matzah brei, a few vegetarian meals are kind of what the doctor ordered to level us back out.

These two dishes are short on effort and long on flavor

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Coffee and Chocolate Maker Moka Origins Brings Beans to Bar in the PoconosDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Inside the Moka Origins factory store and cafe in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. All images courtesy of Moka Origins.

Tucked into the rolling Poconos of Eastern Pennsylvania, a new destination has emerged for lovers of high-quality, freshly roasted coffee, bean-to-bar chocolate, or both.

It’s in the borough of Honesdale where Moka Origins is hoping to lure tourists and locals alike with this week’s grand opening of a retail cafe, offering factory tours, tastings and a menu of expressive coffee and chocolate drinks.

Moka Origins chocolate factory

A chocolate production area attached to the factory store and cafe.

The specialty coffee and chocolate company has been roasting

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A church coffee hour staple: Quiwie’s cardamom coffeecake

(RNS) — The return to in-person worship after more than a year of pandemic restrictions means the comeback of one of the most popular parts of church services: the coffee hour. 

A survey from Barna Research found churchgoers missed having the chance to socialize with each other — either before or after services — almost as much as they missed taking Communion in person.

And what is a coffee hour without a tasty coffee cake to go with the java?

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Here is a favorite coffee hour recipe from First Covenant

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Get Fresh Daily helps get healthy food into the hands of Black moms

It started with a green smoothie. When Jiana Murdic’s on-the-go breakfast attracted the interest of her fifth grade students, she began bringing in unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, like kiwis and figs, to surprise and engage them. The plant-based meals she took for granted became a core tenant of her connection with students—it didn’t take her long to realize something else was at play.

“I started to recognize the connection between what my students were eating before they came to school and their ability to focus on the 90-minute reading block that we were required to start the day with,”

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