Chef ridiculed after promoting ‘bread steak’ as a vegetarian alternative to meat

If you had a row about steak alternatives on your Bingo card for 2021, it’s your lucky day.

A chef has sparked an almighty row after suggesting people try a ‘bread steak’.

It consists of a “parmesan-crusted chunk of pan-roasted sourdough”, which translates as posh cheese on toast.

The invention went viral after food website Basically shared a photo on their Instagram, leaving to a slew of hilarious comments.

The post said: “When @davidtamarkin stopped eating steak, he still craved a slab of something lavish at the center of his plate—and a cauliflower “steak” just wasn’t going to cut it.

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Beans and Bling at Paradeco Coffee Roasters in St. PetersburgDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

At the new Paradeco Coffee Roasters roastery and cafe in St. Petersburg, Florida. All images courtesy of Paradeco Coffee Roasters.

A paradise of art deco design and freshly roasted coffee awaits the public in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, at Paradeco Coffee Roasters. The roastery cafe was transformed from vision into reality by Paradeco Founders Thomas Maloney and Sonya Sarkar over the course of more than a year.

The roughly 1,700-square-foot shop opened late last month with a Bellwether machine turning out fresh roasts, top-shelf brewing and espresso equipment behind the bar, art deco-inspired curves and bedazzling touches aplenty.

Paradeco Coffee Roasters St Pete 3


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Shop the Heartland: Zen Coffee Company

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Good vibes and great coffee. That’s the recipe to the success of a Metro coffee shop.

But it’s the coffee flights at Zen Coffee Company that really has the business taking off.

Coffee is Abby McLeay’s passion.

“I love it. I just drink it all day, it never stops,” McLeay chuckled.

Four months ago, she opened her second coffee shop.

The name? Something she admits she needed more of.

“It was kind of like me and the corporate world. I just needed a moment of zen,” McLeay recalled.

She found it with Zen Coffee Company.


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Dan dan and duck man mei: Erchen Chang’s Chinese noodle recipes | Food

Noodles are a thing of beauty when cooked correctly, and the way to my heart. I particularly love the elegant simplicity of wheat noodles, which are the most common type found in Taiwan. I’m always on the lookout for them in London, usually without much joy, so we now make our own at Bao Noodle Shop in Shoreditch, east London, our new restaurant that’s inspired by Taiwan’s beef noodle shops. We also serve today’s dan dan tofu noodles, an easy, non-broth-based dish that’s complex, balanced and extremely moreish. The second recipe, duck man mei is a more homestyle

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Ypsi-area programs tackle food insecurity by making healthy food easier to access

When Alex Ball was a teenager living with his family in downtown Romulus, the only grocery store in town closed down. 

“I’d never thought about food that much, but when the store closed down and our neighbors had no access to fresh food, I started wondering, ‘How can I fix this?'” Ball says. “So, at age 18, I started researching and reading and did some small-scale backyard farming.”

That first backyard garden kicked off a journey that would lead Ball to become a farmer at the young age of 18, eventually buying his own piece of land in Sumpter Township

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Hotel Group Switches Restaurants to Vegetarian Menus for a Year

By Jonny Lupsha, Current Events Writer

The Hong Kong-based Ovolo Group has gone vegetarian and vegan at all locations. Their hotels and restaurants will maintain these menus for 365 days, which they say their customers support. Plant-based diets have surprising pros and cons.

Greek salads for catering
When leaving meat out of meal plans, vegetarians balance their intake of other sources of protein for nutritionally balanced, plant-based eating. Photo By lucky_winner / Shutterstock

Ovolo Group, a Hong Kong-based hotel group has switched the menus in all its hotels and restaurants to vegetarian and vegan for one year. With properties in locations like Hong Kong

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