Vegetarian for 45 Years Accidentally Eats Meat after McDonald’s Serves Chicken Instead of Veg Burger

Fast food counters can often goof up your order. But for a vegetarian woman who hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years, the goof-up turned out to be rather unpleasant after she accidentally ended up eating a chicken burger that she was served at a McDonalds’ drive through in the United Kingdom, despite ordering a veggie burger.

Gloucestershire resident Louise Davies had been a devout vegetarian for nearly 45 years. The 50-year-old received the shock of her life, however, when she accidentally bit into a meat burger pattie at a local McDonald’s drive-through outlet. Davies had ordered a Vegetable Deluxe McDonalds’

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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday, June 3

Hi, everyone!

That’s goalkeeper Becky Spencer at the top of the Hoddle today.

Ramble of the Day

Unconventionality will always win a spot in the Hoddle, so please allow me to share how Italy’s European Championship squad was announced to a national audience.

I will admit that this presentation is seemingly normal — a bit extra,

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Colorado’s Best Coffee Shop Is Located in Fort Collins

We won’t have to go far to get that perfect cup.

Are you a coffee lover? I gotta tell you, one of my favorite things about the day is a long, hot cup of coffee in the morning. As I sip that strong, sweet nectar it’s almost a spiritual experience. It’s a moment that I can take to center myself before I have to show up for anyone else throughout the day. I love it, I live for it, and don’t talk to me before I’ve had it.

Feel the same?

If you do, I’m sure you have your perfect

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Pride Month 2021: 5 Rainbow-Coloured Recipe Ideas To Celebrate

To celebrate and encourage diversity and people of all sexualities, the month of June is celebrated as ‘Pride Month’ across the world. The celebrations are marked by parades, rallies, parties and events that welcome people from all wakes of life. A common feature through all these celebrations is the rainbow colour used by the LGBTQIA+ community to honour and depict the inclusion of all communities. What better way to celebrate Pride Month than with these yummy and colourful rainbow recipes? They’ll bring all the colours to your palate, tantalise your tastebuds and fill up on the health quotient too.


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5 Egyptian Food Brands for Healthy & Clean Eating

Recently, there is a growing awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and eating clean. Several people are now veering towards healthier living habits exploring the benefits of following balanced diets and giving up on some ingredients that can be harmful to the body such as gluten and refined sugar.

Though Egypt is already known for its rich food culture and dishes deliciously cooked with ghee and butter, several local brands succeeded in providing healthier yet utterly delicious alternatives made with premium quality ingredients and the best of local produce. Here is a roundup of brands

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