Vegetarians and non-vegetarians embrace different motives for adopting a plant-based diet

Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are motivated to adopt (or to consider adopting) a plant-based diet for health reasons. However, vegetarians are more strongly motivated to pursue a plant-based diet for animal rights and environmental reasons than non-vegetarians. These findings come from a study published in the journal Collabra: Psychology.

Interest in plant-based nutrition has been steadily rising in Western culture, likely due to growing concerns about sustainability and the environment. Still, a vegetarian diet remains an unpopular choice — the majority of Westerners are non-vegetarians.

Researcher Christopher J. Hopwood and his team were interested in exploring how the motivations for

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Wee Bean Coffee Takes Big Step with Maryland Roastery CafeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Outside Wee Bean Coffee Roasters new roastery cafe in LaPlata. All images courtesy of Wee Bean Coffee Roasters.

Good things come in small packages — an adage as true for the town of LaPlata, Maryland, as it is for each individual seed now roasted on site at Wee Bean Coffee Roasters.

A substantial step up in size from Wee Bean’s initial mobile coffee cart, the 1,200-square-foot Wee Bean coffee roastery and retail cafe opened earlier this spring, a short day trip’s distance south of Washington D.C.

inside cafe

The company’s red, 1-kilo Mill City Roasters machine that previously lived within a

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Put A Fun Twist On Your Regular Coffee With These 5 Delicious Coffee Recipes

Every morning we wake up to yet another long and busy day. The only thing to rescue us from the tedious monotony of a work-filled day is a steaming hot cup of coffee. Often referred to as the ‘nectar of the gods’, one sip of this divine beverage is an instant energy booster. Its tantalising aroma awakens our brain and mind. But if you thought coffee could only be enjoyed as a morning beverage, think again. Coffee can transform itself from a warm rejuvenating drink to a sinfully delicious cake. For this, all you need is a recipe and you

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Dragon Quest Builders 2: Food Recipe Tier List

There are multiple food recipe tiers in Dragon Quest Builders 2, but only certain recipes will give you the best perks.

Food recipes that you create in Dragon Quest Builders 2 have different properties that separate them into different tiers. Some of the recipes are well-rounded, while others are best at helping you in specific fights. It is something many players fail to realize, but it can change the game, especially when completing a boss fight.

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It is important to understand the different tiers and

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