Vegetarian, fish-based diet linked with less severe Covid-19: Study

Vegetarian and fish-based diets may be associated with lower odds of developing moderate to severe Covid-19 infection, suggest the findings of a six-country survey based on self-reported symptoms.

The researchers noted that the survey is observational, and does not establish a causative relation between diet and Covid-19 severity, and caution is needed in the interpretation of the findings.

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The survey results, published in the journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health on Tuesday, indicate that plant- and fish-based diets were associated with 73 per

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Column 15 Explores the Sweet Science of Nitro in Williamsburg, VADaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Column 15 cold brew bar 1 Williamsburg

The Column 15 roastery and bar in Williamsburg, Virginia. All images courtesy of Column 15.

Nitro cold brew company Column 15 has opened its flagship location in Williamsburg, Virginia, showcasing all the elements of roasting and production next to the coffee shop.

Roughly half of the 3,000-square-foot space is occupied by the Column 15 bar and seating areas, from which guests can observe the workings of cold brewing equipment and a new Diedrich roaster on the opposite side. Prior to opening the new roastery, Column 15 did all of its roasting in a shared roasting facility separate from its cold

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34 Coffee Desserts That Are the Ultimate Pick-Me-Up

Chocolate is decadent, fruit desserts are timeless and vanilla is definitely underrated. But the key to our heart? Coffee desserts. They’re rich, slightly bitter and never too sweet, plus there’s no better way to get a caffeine and sugar buzz at the same time. Mocha, espresso or plain old brewed, if it comes in coffee, we want it on our plate. From espresso chocolate chip cookies to no-churn tiramisu ice cream, here are 34 coffee desserts that are the ultimate pick-me-up.

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Behold, the best snack

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50 best 4th of July recipes and food ideas of 2021

What do you serve at a Fourth of July party? Whether it’s a smaller gathering or a big backyard cookout, it’s best to have all bases covered.

This means preparing some savory finger foods for guests to snack on upon arrival, a variety of salads (many of which are easy to make ahead), barbecue (one of the most popular Fourth of July foods) and, of course, dessert. And with scorching summer temperatures, it’s always great to serve some refreshing beverages for folks of all ages to enjoy in addition to your holiday cocktails.

To celebrate our country’s Independence Day, here

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Food for Yoopers: A healthy approach to better food behaviors | WJMN

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Making small changes to encourage healthier eating and changing behaviors when it comes to food. That is the focus of a program in Marquette called Food for Yoopers.

Evan Loukusa, MD, resident of the Marquette Family Medicine Residency Program, said he wanted to help people take the first steps towards a healthier life.

“One of my goals when I was thinking of creating this program, I wanted to make this something where the information was really accessible to people. I wanted to help them understand and get a hold of to make some behavior changes that

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Why I Wrote an Article About Shopping Carts

But who to call? My contact list took shape like a trail of crumbs. I started with the New Jersey legislator whose proposal first kicked off my pursuit. She put me in touch with the state ombudsman, who put me in touch with a woman who uses a wheelchair and whose experiences showed unreturned shopping carts are more than a petty annoyance.

Who fetches the wayward carts? Labor union officials put me in touch with grocery store employees and cart clerks. I went to parking lots myself, hoping the gods of news would favor me, but I saw nothing but

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