Viral TikTok iced coffee recipe perfect for Biscoff lovers

An iced coffee is the perfect refreshing drink for summer, and even better when it’s made with something sweet.

Another coffee recipe has went viral on TikTok after the Dalgona recipe last year, this time it’s Lotus Biscoff flavoured.

Dalgona coffee consists of hot or cold milk topped with a smooth, meringue-like coffee foam and it took over TikTok in summer 2020.

Now users are getting excited over Biscoff flavoured iced coffees and lattes, which are super simple to make.

The following version by @itsmemarinaa has received 287.1K likes, 2M views and over 3300 comments.

You will only need four

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How To Add A Colourful And Healthy Twist To Your Regular Roti – Find Recipe Inside

Indian meals are known to be a plate full of balanced nutrition essential for your body and health. Our everyday meals consist of dal, rice, a vegetable and roti, which come together to give our bodies the right quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats. But eating the same kind of food, despite its innumerable health benefits can get a tad boring and monotonous to eat. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has the perfect solution to brighten your regular meals with a delicious, simple, and healthy twist. And the best part? Kids, who usually fuss over their meals, will love it too

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Two mad cooks: Home chefs whip up healthy meals for the COVID affected

Down with fever or fatigue, with no energy to cook – all that a COVID patient would want then, is a nutritious meal of home cooked food. And, this desire gave rise to a new army of covid warriors – the home chefs. In the pre-COVID era, they were known for delivering ghar ka khana to working folks and students or hosting regional cuisine popups. During the pandemic though, many of them are reaching out to provide healthy homemade food for affected individuals.

Reaching out with comfort food

Be it Covid positive patients, their families or those who are in

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