Ovolo Group is in ‘Year of the Veg’

It was an exceptional move in an exceptional year.

Last year amid the coronavirus pandemic was a difficult stretch for hotels and restaurants, but in October, on World Vegetarian Day, which is celebrated annually on the first day of that month, Hong Kong-based Ovolo Group switched all of its hotels and restaurants across Australia and Hong Kong to go vegetarian for the next 365 days. 

The only restaurants among its portfolio exempt are any that were already vegan and eschewing all meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.

Casually dubbed the “Year of the Veg,” the idea came straight from the

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Fairtrade International Unveils Global Resources for Climate Adaptation in CoffeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

coffee climate change

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown

Fairtrade International and its United States branch Fairtrade America are sharing lessons culled from three years of work involving coffee farmers in Kenya as part of the group’s Climate Academy project in East Africa.

The nonprofit certification agency is promoting a written guide along with a series of instructional videos that could provide farmers all over the world from various agricultural sectors with useful climate change adaptation and mitigation tools.

Naturally, individual coffee farmers tend to make one of the smallest carbon footprints in the coffee supply chain — whereas shipping, roasting,

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Iced Irish coffee cocktail recipe with a cheeky whiskey kick!

Ireland has been enjoying some really good summer weather (for a change) and what better hot weather drink could there be than iced coffee… this time with a particularly Irish kick! 

As the weather starts to heat up again, there’s nothing better than an iced coffee to save the day. But, how about a twist? 

Coffee Friend has put together a recipe to really tickle the taste buds and make the most of your coffee in the heat at home, a cool take on the classic Irish coffee.

Oh, happy sunny days!! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Iced Irish coffee

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Rachel Roddy’s recipe for roast pepper, tuna and anchovy toasts | Food

In Calabria there is a particular variety of peperoncino that is more or less the size of a small, slightly flattened plum, with postbox-red, crisp, slightly piquant flesh. While the flesh makes your mouth feel warm, the tiny seeds have real heat that at first doesn’t seem so intense, until it builds and builds, and then you touch your contact lens. It’s the same with the pithy veins, so for certain preparations both are scooped out. When they are stuffed, for example, for which the seedless, hollow shells are boiled briefly in water and red-wine vinegar, then drained, before

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Planning To Go Gluten-Free? Herere 5 Healthy Food Options For You

Over the years, we have seen several fitness enthusiasts going gluten-free in their diet. Let’s start with – what is gluten. It is a kind of protein found in wheat that acts like a glue and helps food maintain their shape. But gluten often leads to several health issues too – the most common one being celiac disease. The ones with this issue avoid eating roti, paratha, pizza and more. In fact, they avoid eating most of the common foods we eat regularly. Instead, they go for the gluten-free alternative of the same dish. But if you thought, going gluten-free

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Non-EU food and drink exports outstrip sales to EU in Q1

The latest figures show EU sales fell 47% compared with Q1 2020, which the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) attributes to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and changes in the UK’s trading relationships.

Sales to non-EU nations accounted for 55% of all UK food and drink exports, with exports to the EU having fallen by £2bn compared with Q1 2019.

Exports to nearly all EU member states fell significantly. In Q1 2021, sales to Ireland were down by more than two thirds, while sales to Germany, Spain and Italy declined by more than half since Q1 2020.

Dominic Goudie, head

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