Peperami launches vegetarian Vegerami bites that taste like chicken

Peperami goes veggie with vegetarian Vegerami range of chick'nless bites

Behold: Chick’nless Bites (Picture: Peperami/

Vegetarians, have you ever deeply craved the meaty flavour of a Peperami?

Yeah, us neither. Our main meat cravings tend to be hot dogs or ribs.

But just in case a veggie version of their product is what the people have been waiting for, Peperami has launched Vegerami – a vegetarian take on their usual meaty snacks.

Available in Tesco from June, Vegerami Chick’nless Bites come in two flavours, Pep’d Up and Smokin’.

They’re designed to taste, look, and feel like chicken, and are made with pea protein.

Peperami recommends eating them as an on-the-go

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Quality Brews for the Birds at Pittsburgh’s Redstart RoastersDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

coffee bar

At the new Redstart Roasters coffee bar in Pittsburgh. All images courtesy of Redstart Roasters.

Though its namesake is migratory in nature, Redstart Roasters is hoping its first retail cafe can become a year-round home for great coffee in Pittsburgh.

The 4-year-old roasting company and supporter of bird-related conservation efforts has taken over the space recently vacated by Oregon-based lighting and home goods manufacturer Schoolhouse in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood.

cafe seating

Redstart Roasters Owner and Chief Roasting Officer Matt Parmelee told Daily Coffee News that the transition was relatively smooth given the existing habitat that contrasted mid-century modern and Scandinavian touches

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Jamie Oliver’s simple iced coffee hack will save you money

Grace Lindsay

Jamie Oliver has been sharing lots of delicious food and drink tips and tricks to help battle the heatwave this summer, and on Tuesday he revealed his simple hack for making the perfect iced coffee.

Sharing the video to his social media, Jamie showed how he had frozen leftover coffee and used the ice cubes the next morning to make his refreshing drink.

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Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for potato salad south Indian-style | Vegan food and drink

Throw together the words party and food, and it’s like travelling back to the 1980s, when, as a family, we partied hard. The key with the food was to have a few big things that could be made in batches and in advance, leaving you free to play the spoons for friends and your guests to help themselves. In that respect, these potatoes fit the brief perfectly: they can be eaten hot or cold, scaled up, made earlier, and get on well with all sorts of other flavours and dishes. In short, they’re on your side – they want

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Health & Wellness: The secrets of making healthy food not taste ‘healthy’ | Health and Fitness

Who doesn’t love adding a little salt to their dinner? But if you’re like many Americans, your doctor may have advised you to reduce your salt intake. Cue the disappointment when you bite into your chicken leg, and it tastes like nothing.

It turns out it takes 24 weeks to readjust how much salt you prefer to add to your food. That’s a long time! And in the meantime, your food may just have that super healthy taste that’s simply hard to stomach.

But eating well is important, so I’ve compiled four tips for making healthy food taste amazing as

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