Application of yeast protein in vegetarian products with a growing trend toward vegetarianism

Vegetarianism: A growing trend for environmental protection and healthier lifestyle

Vegetarianism is a kind of diet culture. People practicing it are called vegetarians, who avoid food products of animal origin, including animal oil and animal glue. The quietly spreading vegetarian culture has made vegetarian food more and more a global fashionable label. According to a survey, the UK has up to 7% of the population adhering to vegetarianism, and the Netherlands, Germany and France respectively have 4.4%, 1.25% and 0.9% of vegetarian population; while the prevalence of vegetarianism in some areas of Italy has reached 10% to 18%.

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Inside Roast Magazine’s May/June 2021 IssueDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The May/June 2021 issue of Roast is out now, with feature stories on coffee sourcing through partnerships and planning, recent research on grinder settings, and transparency and ethics in data collection in specialty coffee.

Columns cover new books on land and race in Central America, sustainability in coffee production and processing, and a look at Colombian coffee in 2021.

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In “Buy Less to Do More: Coffee Sourcing Through Partnership and Planning,” author Ever Meister

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Healthy Food Systems Can Improve Health and Resilience

Michael Dimock | Roots of Change

Access to healthy food systems impacts every aspect of our lives. 

When hungry stomachs diminish students’ ability to focus, learn, and retain information, their education suffers. In adults, lack of access to nutritious foods leads to overall poor health and chronic illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes – negatively impacting their ability to work and provide for their families. 

This year we witnessed how COVID-19 has preyed on Californians living with chronic illnesses, especially people of color who often live in “food deserts” where healthy food is less available. 


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Elephant crashes through kitchen wall to look for food. Video from Thailand goes viral

Over the weekend, Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon, a resident of the Hua Hin district’s Chalermkiatpattana village in Thailand, heard a noise in the kitchen at her home in the early hours of Saturday morning. She woke up and headed straight to check and guess what she discovered? An elephant, poking through the wall, in search of food.

Ratchadawan was absolutely stupefied, but, managed to record the incident on her phone as the male elephant named Boonchuay rummaged through the kitchen drawers in order to look for food, The Guardian reports. In the meantime, Boonchuay chewed on a plastic bag.

A Twitter account

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