7 Immunity-Boosting Vegetarian Soups To Try This Monsoon

There is much to love about the monsoons. The lovely showers that work as the perfect excuse to munch on some pakoras and the lush greenery that follows the rain are all factors that make the season a much-loved one. However, along with the romance of the weather comes a slew of annoying flu symptoms and infections that can put a serious dampener on our plans. As we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, it is important — now more than ever — to build your immunity by eating the right kinds of food. And one of the 

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Civil Unrest Pushes Colombian Coffee Prices to Record Highs as Supply Concerns HeightenDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Coffee picking in Colombia

A worker harvesting coffee in Colombia. Photo courtesy of Those Coffee People.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the trajectory of Colombia’s internal coffee prices has defied expectations.

The abrupt collapse in oil prices in March 2020 triggered a near 25% reduction in the value of the peso (COP) against the dollar. As coffee beans are purchased in dollars on international markets, the industry was able to benefit from the exchange rate arbitrage. However, even as the peso recovered some of its value against the dollar, internal coffee prices remained high over the previous 14 months.

Now, with the

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Coffee Jelly Is My Favorite Caffeinated Dessert

The only thing better than a good recipe? When something’s so easy to make that you don’t even need one. Welcome to It’s That Simple, a column where we talk you through the process of making the dishes and drinks we can make with our eyes closed.

Years ago, when I was living in Japan, I became obsessed with a dessert called コーヒーゼリー(coffee jelly). My friend Yuko ordered it for me at a small café that specialized in trendy desserts, and I was delighted when our server brought it to the table: a glass dessert cup filled with jiggly

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Recipe for inflation: how Brexit and Covid made tinned tomatoes a lot dearer | Food & drink industry

Tinned tomatoes are a taken-for-granted store cupboard staple, relied upon by Britons to whip up home cooked favourites such as spaghetti bolognese. But the price could soon make you take notice, amid warnings of higher shopping bills, set against a backdrop of soaring global food prices.

From the packaging to the transportation and the energy used in manufacturing, nearly all aspects of the production of this popular ingredient now cost more. The crushed tomatoes alone are 30% dearer than a year ago, at €0.48 per kilo. The same pressures are driving the prices of many foods higher, meaning Britons will

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TikTok’s Adult Pineapple Recipe | POPSUGAR Food


Thanks to TikTok, my palate has become accustomed to adventurous flavor combinations like watermelon and mustard, peanut butter and Doritos, and my personal favorite, pickles and Kool-Aid (I promise, it’s actually good!). The internet consensus as to whether these pairings are actually good remains unknown. But there’s one new recipe that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews since it was posted by TikToker Bee Tinoco, and that’s pineapple with Malibu coconut rum, aka Adult Pineapple.

Pineapple and coconut is already a top-notch fruit combination, so infusing pineapple with Malibu seemed like a total no-brainer to me. When I took my

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