Shraddha Kapoor completes two years of being vegetarian; know benefits of the diet

Shraddha Kapoor recently completed two years of being a vegetarian. The Stree actor took to Instagram to share why she decided to become one, highlighting her compassion for animals and the planet as the driving factor.

“As we all celebrate World Nature Conservation Day, I wanted to share that I completed 2 years of being vegetarian on 21/7/21. I decided to turn vegetarian for my love for animals and our planet. It’s made me happier and healthier. 🙃 Here’s celebrating 2 years of making a personal choice to #ChooseCompassion. Compassion towards animals, the environment, and myself,” she wrote.

While a

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Capitol Coffee Announces Partnership to Distribute S&D Coffee and Tea |

RALEIGH, N.C., July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Capitol Coffee is pleased to announce they are now an approved distributor of S&D Coffee and Tea products. As a result of the affiliation comes the addition of fifteen industry veterans to the Capitol team, immediate scale into the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants and convenience stores and expansion into two new states, Virginia and West Virginia, respectively.

“S&D brings extensive experience in coffee and tea production to our company,” says Ben Brunson of Capitol Coffee. “We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of local roasters to our customers, and

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14 No-Cook Recipes for Hot Days or Lazy Nights

Without a doubt, humanity advanced leaps and bounds once it became clear that cooking over fire equaled better food. But sometimes, it’s just too hot or the day’s too long to even consider turning on an oven or stove. Luckily, plenty of recipes require no heat (or very, very little) and are just as flavorful and satisfying as their cooked counterparts. Here are 14 spectacular meals for those days when cooking just isn’t on the menu.

Every kitchen should be stocked with at least a few cans of chickpeas. Not only are chickpeas filling, but they can go straight into

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Boost pizza sales with top-trending ingredients

Pizza boxes

Photograph courtesy of Saputo Foodservice

Pizza is a fan favorite. In any given week, nearly half (44%) of American consumers eat pizza from a restaurant at least onceTechnomic found, and 3 in 10 consume frozen or take-and-bake/refrigerated pizza.

Although food trucks, customizable fast casual chains, and other concepts have made the marketplace considerably more competitive in recent years, traditional pizza restaurants and retail pizza products remained consistently popular picks throughout the pandemic. More than a third (36%) of consumers told Technomic they were ordering pizza as much as—or slightly more often than—they did pre-COVID-19. In March 2020

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The history of vegetarianism in Australia is only two centuries old and it’s full of characters

While the global roots of vegetarianism go back many thousands of years, here in Australia the movement dates back only a couple of centuries.  

Until then, Australian First Nations people consumed a roughly 30 to 90 per cent plant-based diet, depending on where they lived, says historical researcher – and lifelong vegetarian – Edgar Crook.

He says the vegetarian movement was introduced to Australia via Europeans – first Swedenborgians, a religious group of Bible literalists, who arrived here in the 1830s, then other religious groups such as Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and Methodists, all of whom touted a meat-free diet. 

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Local coffee company Farley’s loses its SBA grant

Local coffee company Farley’s loses its SBA grant

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Farley’s co-owner Chris Hillyard at Farley’s East in Uptown Oakland. Credit: courtesy Chris Hillyard

  • Bay Area coffee company Farley’s, the employee-profit-sharing business with a popular shop in Uptown Oakland, was told in May that it had been awarded a $381,000 grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration. According to Reuters, a successful lawsuit by former Trump staffers against prioritizing businesses owned by historically marginalized people means that the grant has been canceled, and Farley’s is unlikely to ever see those funds.
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