Nearly 200 years ago, the lectures of a celebrity vegetarian visiting Portland caused a riot

People across the United States were abuzz with talk of the Portland Graham riot in the summer of 1834, a time when vegetarian ideas were in vogue locally. The “Agitation,” as headlines in Boston, Philadelphia and Albany called it, was a violent mob that attacked the Temple Street Chapel, where celebrity vegetarian lecturer Sylvester Graham was giving his popular course on the “Science of Human Life.” Newspapers here and across the country had much to say about the riot but were left to wonder at its cause.

Was it Graham’s advice to eat whole wheat bread and skip animal-based foods?

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COVID-19 Shocks Likely to Cause ‘Severe Production Crisis,’ Research FindsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

These coffee leaves are covered in coffee leaf rust, a fungal pathogen that leads to defoliation and reduced yields. Without proper management, coffee leaf rust can spread quickly and threaten coffee crops around the world, warns Purdue University mycologist Cathie Aime. (Photo courtesy of Cathie Aime)

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cause a “severe production crisis” as a complex web of socio-economic factors make conditions worse for smallholder coffee farmers, according to groundbreaking new research.

The report — led by researchers at Rutgers University, Purdue University, the University of Hawaii, CIRAD, Santa Clara University, and the University of Exeter

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Truly Appreciating Healthy Food And Its Impact On Quality Of Life

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Trending Recipes From Social Media to Try

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Social media trends aren’t always what they seem — especially when it comes to food. Though some viral recipes live up to their fame, others don’t taste quite as good as they look on camera.

Instead of spending your time testing every single recipe that comes along, look out

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