Wacaco’s New Picopresso Keeps Espresso at Hand and HomeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Picopresso espresso

The Wacaco Picopresso manual espresso maker. All images courtesy of Wacaco.

Consumer coffee equipment manufacturer Wacaco has launched a device called the Picopresso, focused squarely on home and travel espresso.

Early last year, Wacaco launched the Pipamoka, an immersion-centric travel brewer and vessel combo that applies pressure to coffee through an innovative system of pulling the brew chamber up through the water.

espresso brew

Returning its focus to espresso, Wacaco’s Picopresso is the third in the Hong Kong brand’s “-presso” category of devices, following the original Minipresso and the subsequent Nanopresso.

The retail price for the Picopresso will be US$129.90 starting next

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20 Summer Potluck Ideas – The New York Times

It’s time for park picnics and backyard potlucks, and, for obvious reasons, our staff is excited for the outdoor hang more than ever this year. And, whether it’s something sweet (Rice Krispies treats loaded with chocolate and pretzels, peach cobbler, plum torte) or savory (deviled eggs, Chinese dumplings, fried chicken), one of their favorites is bound to please everybody at your gathering. So load up your picnic basket and celebrate by sharing one of our favorite dishes with your loved ones — who will surely ask you to pass along the recipe.

I think Kwan Bellhouse’s chicken larb (or Hetty

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Juice, wraps, smoothies on menu at Beyond Juicery + Eatery in Green

For the fast-food diner used to McDonald’s value meals, Arby’s focus on all the meats or KFC’s fried chicken, the menu at the new Beyond Juicery + Eatery restaurant in Green will be a shock to the system.

The establishment opened  this month on Massillon Road, and has taken off running, said Prada Masada, director of operations for the restaurant and five others in Ohio, including one in Copley.

The restaurant focuses on the healthy fast casual segment of the restaurant industry, a sector that’s experiencing significant growth — especially as people emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic seek healthier food

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Trending Today Features the Business and Future of Food on Fox Business

Meet the “Avocado Queen,” Natalia Merienne, a female trailblazer in the produce industry. Natalia sources avocados directly from growers in Michoacán, Mexico, a region rich in volcanic soil that yields avocados packed with nutrients and known for their unrivaled taste and texture. Natalia’s avocados are in demand at grocery stores and appear on a major restaurant chain menu. “I travel to Mexico every month to check on my growers and handpick the quality avocados I need for my customers. I believe I have a

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