18 Vegetarian Grilling Recipes for Your Next BBQ

While peak-summer vegetables don’t need much more than some salt, oil and a sliver of space over an open flame, they’re positively ignited by a little extra attention. These vegetarian recipes range from minimum effort to medium. Most operate as sides or entrees, depending on what you pair them with, but all deliver hugely flavorful results — and are a thrill to grill.

This five-star recipe from Sue Li balances grilled corn, scallions and jalapeño with a creamy buttermilk-feta dressing that is just tangy enough to temper the heat, richness and sweetness of its surrounding ingredients. (Do opt for a

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Coffee Holding Company Buys Colorado Roasting Plant for $900KDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The Coffee Holding Company production facility in La Junta, Colorado. Google Maps image.

New York State-based Coffee Holding Company has purchased a Colorado facility that has housed its largest roasting operation since 2005.

The publicly traded, Staten Island-based roasting, packaging and trading company bought the 56,000-square food production and warehouse facility off Highway 50 in the small Southeastern Colorado city of La Junta for $900,000.

In an announcement of the purchase, which included several adjoining acres, Coffee Holding Company CEO Andrew Gordon said the deal would eliminate more than $100,000 in rent payments to the city annually, while allowing the

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Recipe: Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Coffee Crunch Chocolate Tart

Today is undoubtedly the day for chocolate lovers since July 7 marks World Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day, ever since 2009 and we are no different as we fetch the ingredients to whip up some mouthwatering Coffee Crunch Chocolate Tarts this Wednesday. It was on this date in 1550 that chocolate was first brought to Europe and as we mark World Chocolate Day today, let’s indulge in the annual global celebration of the delightful, healthy and irreplaceable treats by whipping up some Coffee Crunch Chocolate Tarts that are drool-worthy enough to brush aside our mid-week blues.

Ingredients for crust:

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All the Summer Recipes Our Food Staff Cooked in June

Isn’t summer grocery shopping just pure ecstasy? The possibilities are endless: succulent stone fruit and berries as far as the eye can see, all the fresh seafood you could ever want, and vegetables — summer squash, okra, corn — that taste as if they were plucked from the sun-warmed dirt just hours earlier. Last month, the Food staff made the most of summer’s bounty while keeping the recipes short, sweet and, most importantly, low on heat (with a few exceptions). Here are the best recipes we cooked in June.

At the first opportunity to gather a crowd, I made Gabrielle

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The 13 Best Food Storage Containers to Clean Up Your Cluttered Pantry

This most recent Amazon Prime Day, you stocked up on items for your workout and entertainment, but what really flew out the door was a humble little item that will stealthily change your life. We’re talking the unsung hero of your kitchen, the food storage container set. Inspired by our reader’s zeal for neatening up their cupboards, countertops and fridge, we’ve done a deep dive into the best 13 food storage containers on the market. Shop now, and you’ll never be searching for a top for that pasta salad you’re hauling to the family picnic.


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