Wendy’s Spicy Black Bean Burger

Wendy’s recently announced a new vegetarian option to is menu: the Spicy Black Bean Burger. Instead of including some sort of faux meat or patty to evoke the real taste of beef or chicken, the fast food mainstay is opting for a burger with two types of protein instead: black beans and chickpeas.

John Li, Vice President of Culinary Innovation at Wendy’s, explained in a press event that the certified vegetarian Spicy Black Bean Burger has been in the works for quite some time to make it perfect: “Just because something is meatless doesn’t mean it needs to be tasteless,”

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New Town RoasteryDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

New Town Roastery

The finishing touches being applied to a drink at the New Town Roastery location in Wilmington, North Carolina. All images courtesy of New Town Roastery.

Craft coffee beverages with mixological flare are now available on the go in Wilmington, North Carolina, through the grand opening of the first retail location of New Town Roastery.

The coffee company, which rebranded from Wilmington Roastery into New Town Roastery earlier this Spring, held a grand opening for its new home base inside a converted shipping container in Wilmington’s Cargo District.

The roasting outfit is now serving drinks through drive-through and walk-up windows

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This Herbal Coffee Recipe Provides Calming Energy

Consider this your 201-level guide to all the various leaves, seeds, powders, and potions that get so much buzz in the wellness scene—then discover how to actually incorporate them into your life. So whether you want to power up your smoothie with natural supplements, or you’re just wondering how to use the cacao powder sitting in your pantry, you’ll get the intel you need here. See All

If you want to avoid the jitters, your best bet is to put down that cup of coffee. The right combination of herbs provides a spark of energy without making you anxious, says

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Your Go-To Grilled Salmon Recipe: Spicy, Succulent, Foolproof, Fast

HERE’S THE RUB A coating of herbs and spices flavors and protects the salmon during cooking. The results are remarkably succulent.



The Chef: Meherwan Irani


Michael Hoeweler

His Restaurants: Chai Pani, in Asheville, N.C., and Decatur, Ga.; Botiwalla, in Charlotte, N.C., and Atlanta; Buxton Hall Barbecue and Buxton Chicken Palace, both in Asheville; Nani’s Rotisserie Chicken, in Asheville and, soon, Atlanta.

What He’s Known For: Fresh takes on Indian street food. A

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West Side Groups Unite To Bring More Healthy Food Options To Austin

AUSTIN — One day, instead of a food desert, Austin will be a food oasis with healthy restaurants and grocery stores or markets within walking distance.

The Austin Eats Initiative envisions this lofty future. It has united 22 West Side neighborhood groups dedicated to building an abundance of fresh markets, restaurants, community gardens and grocery stores in the neighborhood.

“The vision is everyone working together collaboratively to make sure everybody has a really healthy relationship with food,” said Ethan Ramsay, lead organizer at Austin Coming Together, the group leading the effort.

The initiative was born from the Austin Quality-of-Life Plan,

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