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Jamaica Coffee Farm

Dr. Sarada Krishnan at her coffee farm in Jamaica. Courtesy photo.

Plant scientist and coffee sector leader Dr. Sarada Krishnan was recently named executive director of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

Born in India to a family that owned a coffee plantation and other crop farms, Krishnan’s interest in plants and biology at an early age eventually blossomed into a M.S. degree in horticulture from Colorado State University followed by influential doctoral research at University of Colorado on conservation genetics of wild coffee.

South Sudan coffee reserach project – field work 1 2012

Krishnan doing field work in South Sudan. Courtesy photo.

Krishnan also happens to own a

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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee: No Special Equipment

  • Making cold brew at home is simple and all you really need is a glass pitcher.
  • Steep your ground coffee for 12 to 24 hours until it’s as strong and smooth as you like it.
  • Dilute the final product with water or milk or experiment with mix-ins like horchata or booze.
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Cold brew coffee has become one of the most ubiquitous and prominent coffee products on the market today, and with good reason. It provides a crisp, ice-cold alternative to hot coffee during the dog days of summer.

It can

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40 best summer recipes of 2021 from salads to dessert

After spending a long time out in the hot summer sun, a certain kind of meal — something comforting yet refreshing — can turn a regular day into a memorable one.

Some dishes are best served at room temp for those lazy, hot afternoons, while others should be served hot off the grill with a fresh salad and summery pasta. Top it all off with one of those wonderful summer desserts — you know: ice pops, no-bake cakes or homemade ice cream.

Here are a few of TODAY Food’s best summer recipes for when you’re craving something light, bright and

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What doctors wish patients knew about healthy eating

What you eat plays a leading role in your health and well-being. When someone eats healthy, it helps to protect against many chronic diseases such as heart disease, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and obesity. But with so many fad diets and food recommendations out there, it can be hard for patients to navigate what to eat and what not to eat.

Two AMA members took time to discuss what they wish patients knew about healthy eating. They are:

  • Stephen Devries, MD, a preventive cardiologist and executive director of the nonprofit Gaples Institute in Chicago.
  • Ethan Lazarus, MD, a family physician
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Is Marshmallow Fluff Trending? – WSJ

The Jersey Mud, a worthy vehicle for Marshmallow Fluff.



JUST WHAT IS the problem with Marshmallow Fluff? It gets zero respect these days. I suppose that brand name doesn’t help. “Fluff” is, after all, the word we use for anything not to be taken seriously. So I’ll begin here by shifting to the generic term for this foodstuff that food snobs scorn: marshmallow creme. There. Does that sound French enough?


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