7 #HomeCafe Coffee Recipes On TikTok That Will Make You Feel Like A Barista

If you remember the dalgona coffee trend that took over TikTok last year, you know the social media app is no stranger to Insta-worthy drinks. Now, after a year of making home brews, people are showing off their most impressive #HomeCafe coffee recipes on TikTok. They’re so cool looking, they’ll make you want to try them out for yourself.

Even if all you know how to make is a plain drip coffee, these recipes are so easy to follow that a newbie barista like you can tackle them. They’ll also give you that coffee shop feeling at home if you’re

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‘Stop this madness’: NYT angers Italians with ‘smoky tomato carbonara’ recipe | Food

The New York Times has cooked up a controversy in Italy after tinkering with the recipe for the classic Roman dish pasta carbonara.

Called “Smoky Tomato Carbonara”, the recipe, by Kay Chun, was published by NYT Cooking. To be fair to Chun, she did preface her version of the recipe by saying that “tomatoes are not traditional in carbonara, but they lend a bright tang to the dish”.

But it wasn’t just the tomatoes: the recipe replaced guanciale with bacon, “since it’s widely available and lends a nice smoky note”, and used parmesan cheese instead of pecorino.

The indignation

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Best healthy meal delivery services for 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic still presents challenges, developing a more well-balanced diet and cleaner eating habits has gotten easier with the proliferation of healthy meal delivery services that help you eat better and cook smarter. Meal kits are time savers that can also teach you some new cooking skills along the way.

You may notice that just about every meal kit and prepared meal company claims to be a “healthy” one. Slick marketing lingo and glossy images help argue the case, but some meal delivery services are leaps and bounds ahead of others when it comes to the quality of

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The hot trending food item you should make tonight | Food

I know for a fact that my eyes are connected to my ears because every time I hear the words “TikTok” or “influencer,” my eyeballs immediately roll back up into the top of my head.

When I was fretting to a friend about how I was going to use up all of the tomatoes from last summer’s garden now languishing in my freezer, she said, “There was this influencer on TikTok who had a recipe that used feta and tomatoes.” I was glad it was a phone conversation so she could not see the whites of my eyes. Luckily, my

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Lizzo’s Vegan Recipes | TikTok Videos

Not only can Lizzo sing her heart out, play the flute, dance, and be a body-positive influencer who transparently and generously shares her journey of self-love to inspire others, but she’s also a skilled plant-based home cook! Most recently, Lizzo brought viral awareness to the plant-based phenomenon known as “nature’s cereal,” but she actually began sharing her enticing vegan meals on TikTok after adopting a fully plant-based lifestyle in April 2020. Her meals not only caused her fans’ mouths to salivate, but each one has challenged everything naysayers (myself included) have had to say against a vegan diet.

With each

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What Is Soul Food? Cultural Importance and Nutrition Tips

Soul food is the traditional cuisine of African Americans (1).

Sometimes simply referred to as “Southern food,” soul food was carried to the North and rest of the United States by African Americans leaving the South during the Great Migration of the early to mid-20th century.

Meals range from simple family dinners of rice and beans, fried chicken, and collard greens with ham hocks to tables loaded with candied yams, smothered pork chops, gumbo, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, sweet potato pie, and peach cobbler.

Soul food is an integral part of Black food culture and often

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