Bulletproof Expands Coffee Offerings With Compostable Espresso Pods And Canned Black Cold Brew

NEW YORK, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Bulletproof, the brand that created the famous Bulletproof Coffee recipe which provides healthy fats and an energy boost, now expands its coffee line with the introduction of Compostable Espresso Pods and Ready to Drink Canned Cold Brew Black Coffee.

Over the past 12 months, consumer interest and demand for coffee has spiked and Bulletproof’s ground coffee sales have doubled, making the new innovations a strategic coffee category expansion move for the brand. Both new products come in two different varieties and all coffee sourced is both Rainforest Alliance Certified and produced with Bulletproof’s proprietary clean coffee process.

“Bulletproof’s DNA is based in coffee, so we will continue to innovate to meet evolving consumer needs”, explained Bulletproof CEO, Larry Bodner. “Coffee is a rapidly growing category and consumers are seeking a variety of consumption methods as well.  We will continue to meet consumer demand through product innovation in the coffee category.”

Compostable* Espresso Pods
Convenience and ease of use are high on the list of needs for at-home coffee. The number of global orders placed for coffee pods grew by 53% over the past 12 months and accounted for more than half of all coffee orders online**. Bulletproof is looking to extend their pod offerings while delivering the unique compostable benefit, to allow consumers to make a smart environmental choice.

Bulletproof’s first foray into Espresso Pods will be compostable and made from renewable plant-sourced bioplastics. They will offer the brand’s ‘Mentalist‘ and ‘Original‘ roasts in 10-packs for $8.99. Consumers can enjoy the coffee on its own, or add Bulletproof’s signature Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil and Ghee to create the brand’s classic keto-friendly recipe for a creamy Bulletproof Coffee. Launching first on Bulletproof.com and on Amazon

Canned Cold Brew Black Coffee + Vitamin B
Joining three existing flavors of Bulletproof ready to drink Cold Brew products, the Cold Brew Black cans offer more caffeine (200mg) than the average cold brew, an extra dose of healthy energy from added Vitamin B, and 0g of sugar. Cold Brew Black will be offered in a can as a ready-to-drink beverage in either ‘Unsweetened‘ or ‘Lightly Sweetened‘ (sweetened with stevia). Each can is 8oz and retails for $2.99. They will be both on Bulletproof.com and Amazon in 12-packs for $35.88, as well as in single cans sold nationally through brick and mortar stores.

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About Bulletproof
Bulletproof 360 is a leading health and wellness company offering integrated mind-body nutrition products designed to help consumers unleash their full potential. The Bulletproof portfolio offers a wide range of products ranging from clean coffee, MCT oil, collagen protein, snack bars and supplements. Founded in 2013, Bulletproof always uses the highest quality, science-backed, clean ingredients to create keto-friendly products. Bulletproof products are sold in leading retailers nationwide, as well as online at Bulletproof.com and Amazon.com. Additional information about the brand, products, recipes and more can be found at www.Bulletproof.com. Twitter: @bpnutrition Instagram: @bulletproof 

*Compostable in industrial facilities, check locally.

**Source: ReportLinker

SOURCE Bulletproof

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