15 Unique Cinco de Mayo Recipes

While the most obvious choice for celebrating Cinco de Mayo might be your old taco night standbys and a big bowl of guacamole, for the ultimate spread, we recommend branching out and trying some new dishes. Impress your fellow mojito-drinking buddies with your vast knowledge of Mexican cuisine, from spicy soups to chalupas you won’t find at Taco Bell. Don’t forget the essential every-kind-of-hot-sauce bar either. Try these 15 Mexican-inspired recipes for the most delicious fiesta.

1. Elote: This tasty street food snack is so fun to eat. Grilling gives the corn a nice char and smokey flavor. However,

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Comfort food from Mom’s recipe box

Regardless of ages, whether they are still with us or not, this is a good time to remember her, however you choose. My guess is that when you think of her, there are memories that stand out, and probably some would be what she cooked or baked. Likely those memories also come with a story. With that in mind, we asked several PB co-workers what some of their favorites from their moms were.

Trust me, they are winners. I made two, and added them to my recipe file — the banana bread and the macaroni and cheese. Man, were they

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Spicy Pickled Garlic Recipe From TikTok With Photos


Cloves of garlic hardly seem like a delicious snack, but when they’re pickled, for some reason they’re irresistible — at least according to just about everyone on TikTok right now. After TikTok user @LalaLeluu shared a 45-second snippet of her eating garlic by the spoonful while sharing her easy recipe, the trend has pretty much blown up on the app, with TikTokers creating their own versions and even having it for breakfast.

According to Lala’s recipe, all you need to do is drain a jar of pickled garlic — the kind preserved in vinegar, not oil — and add sriracha,

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Join the food-board craze with this recipe for veggies and 2 dips | Cooking with Sadie

I just finished a charity cooking event at the NeurodiverseNW gaming convention, celebrating the neurodiverse community in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

I was supporting Aspiring Youth, which has been providing social-skills groups, summer camps, coaching and other programs for children, teens, young adults and their families since 2004. By creating trust and connection, AY helps students as they navigate their social world.

This week’s recipe offering varies a bit because of this and also highlights the cooking craze of making food boards, which I shared with the participants in the cooking demo. Here I create a rainbow veggie board

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Food site Epicurious to stop publishing recipes with beef

“For any person—or publication—wanting to envision a more sustainable way to cook, cutting out beef is a worthwhile first step,” Hoffman and Tamarkin said. “Our shift is solely about sustainability, about not giving airtime to one of the world’s worst climate offenders.”

Livestock accounts for nearly 15% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, and beef is the largest contributor to that pollution, according to the United Nations.
The publication has been moving in this direction for nearly two years. Since the fall of 2019, Epicurious has published beef recipes “only a small handful of times,” its editors said in
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Bring in a singer, expand the menu

TAMPA — Things looked bleak for many food truck operators as the pandemic robbed them of their customers.

But the crisis inspired some creative thinking by two people who sell Latin American food on wheels, and now, they’re seeing more people show up at their windows.

One teamed up with a Peruvian singer who was also hoping to rebuild an audience.

“It was the best we could think of, because the pandemic has been like an earthquake for many of us.” said Vilma Flores, 67, who sells Peruvian food in Town N’ Country.

Oliver Castellanos, 63, was selling Colombian favorites

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