Julians Restaurant showcasing Pueblo chiles, vegetarian fare and art

Whether it’s the homemade tortillas or the vegetarian green chile made with Pueblo chiles that draws customers to Julians Restaurant, 2111 W. Northern Ave., they always get a healthy dose of art with their meals. 

The former Herrera’s eatery was bought by Cat Tamasonis and her husband, Daniel Arellano, five years ago. At the time, she was working as a nurse for a nursing home and he was working for the city’s water treatment plant. 

“I had had a chocolate store in Washington state and never thought of doing Mexican food or any type of restaurant. My sister Betty Ann Lopez and our family all have Burrito’s Betty here in Colorado,” Tamasonis said. 

Arellano took a year off to help launch the restaurant. Although he is back with the city running the ice arena and swimming pool, he works weekends at the restaurant.

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A popular menu item at Julians Restaurant is the 3 Item Combination which features choices of an enchilada, tostada, taco or burrito.

Julians is named after a family member

Lopez, who also works as a nurse, pitched in to help start the restaurant and continues to help out when she can. The eatery is named after Lopez’s son Julian who is Tamasonis’ godson.  

Julian is 13 and when he turns 14, “you will see a lot of Jules in here,” she said with a laugh.