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This fall, individuals and families in Columbia County, across Oregon and the nation who depend on food stamp assistance will see what the Biden Administration calls a significant and permanent increase in benefits.

It is reportedly the largest single increase in the food stamp system’s history, which now operates as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Largest Permanent Increase

This change will increase SNAP benefits distributed in Oregon by $337 million. For SNAP households this change on average will be about $36 more in money to buy food per person.

Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) Press Secretary Jake Sunderland said Biden

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Coffee Creek evacuation orders expand due to River Complex Fire

Update 4 p.m. Wednesday – The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office issued a new warning for the River complex around 2:45 p.m.

For zone 7, all areas south of Trinity Center Boat Ramp along the western shore of Trinity Lake, to the southern tip of Bowerman Ridge.

Also included in zone 7, the southern tip of Bowerman Ridge northwest to Highway 3. From Guy Covington Mill Subdivision north along Highway 3 to Norwegian Ranch Rd.

This area includes all of Bowerman Ranch Road, all of Guy Covington Mill Subdivision including Scenic Drive, Green Horn Gulch, Millview Drive, Bowerman Gulch, Pole Gulch,

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Nigel Slater’s recipes for carrots with cashews, and with basil cream | Food

A fat bunch of late summer carrots, long, slim and with feathery plumes, is a sight to lift the spirits. In the kitchen, they grate without turning to mush the way the early spring varieties do, and are substantial enough to become, along with onions and celery, the backbone of the first slowly simmered dish of the autumn.

Raw or lightly steamed, the carrot’s inherent sweetness is tamed with something sour – a dash of lemon juice, a spoonful of thick yoghurt or kefir, or a tangle of red cabbage. Roasted they will soften while their edges become as chewy

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Letters: Community colleges | Realistic recall

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Community colleges
have ally in Newsom

I am a community college student that has adapted online learning since March 2020. I strongly oppose this recall election because Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed the most recent budget that benefits California community college students by allotting $100 million for student housing and food insecurity. Newsom has supported and enacted policies that benefit the most vulnerable groups in California, including low-income students like myself.

This recall is a blatant attack on the civil rights, liberties, and policies that

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‘This is getting out of hand’: Netizens fume over viral picture of ‘Maggi milkshake’

While Maggi seems to be a favourite among desi foodies, it is also a dish that many tend to experiment with and often go a tad bit extreme. While earlier it was ‘Maggi Laddu‘ and ‘Oreo Maggi’ that left netizens feeling disgusted, now the latest one to make many cringe is the ‘Maggi milkshake’.

While it is not clear who made the bizarre dish, a picture of two milkshake glasses topped with a scoop of cooked Maggi is now being widely circulated on several social media platforms.

“Some idiot shared this with me…Maggie Milk-shake…. Jinda pakadna hai in banane waalo

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Own an OTG? Make these 5 easy vegetarian recipes

(MENAFN – NewsBytes) Since many restaurants are functioning minimally due to COVID-19, we have been missing out on a lot of delicacies. So tandoori aloo or your favorite kebabs seem to be out of reach now. But worry not! If you own an Oven Toaster Griller, aka OTG, you can recreate these from the comfort of your home. Here are some vegetarian recipes you can start with.

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  • Recipe number 1: Deliciously smooth butter biscuits
  • Recipe number 2: ‘Tandoori aloo’ to have with tea
  • Recipe number 3: Sweet and tasty banana cutlet
  • Recipe number 4: Barbeque chips accompanied
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