What Is Soul Food? Cultural Importance and Nutrition Tips

Soul food is the traditional cuisine of African Americans (1).

Sometimes simply referred to as “Southern food,” soul food was carried to the North and rest of the United States by African Americans leaving the South during the Great Migration of the early to mid-20th century.

Meals range from simple family dinners of rice and beans, fried chicken, and collard greens with ham hocks to tables loaded with candied yams, smothered pork chops, gumbo, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, sweet potato pie, and peach cobbler.

Soul food is an integral part of Black food culture and often

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Flair Espresso Reveals the Flair 58 with Full-Size Heated GroupDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine


The Flair 58 features the brand’s signature curved frame, yet adds a larger grouphead and other features. All images courtesy of Flair Espresso.

Manual espresso equipment maker Flair Espresso is launching the Flair 58, including a standard 58-millimeter grouphead and a host of other features that build upon the brand’s existing line.

The Flair 58 has a redesigned frame and lever to accommodate the larger group. It’s also the Southern California company’s first model to include an electric component, a mechanism for preheating and maintaining a steady temperature at the group.


The Flair 58 pressure gauge.

Flair Espresso Head of

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Vegetarian vs Vegan: What’s The Difference And Which One Suits You Best?

Health has been everyone’s priority for the past few months, and the rise in interest for plant-based options proves this. Terms such as vegetarian and vegan have been loosely used years before, but even more so since the prevalence of an invisible threat that we call COVID-19. While both ways of living are beneficial for our health and the environment, vegetarian and vegan diets are quite distinct. For one thing, you may approach it from the perspective of diet, or as a new way of living. So if you have been contemplating taking on a healthier way of life, for

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The best vegetarian and vegan meal delivery for 2021

There are scores of plant-based meal kit companies on the market, but we can help you find the best vegetarian and vegan meal delivery options to suit your tastes. The revolution, kick-started long ago by Blue Apron, has opened the door for many prepared meal and meal kit delivery services to pitch to customers with every dietary restriction or preference, not to mention routines and budgets. Whether you’re an herbivore looking for a clean eating plan or an omnivore looking to shake up your diet with less meat with a few meals a week, you should be able to

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The Vegetarian Recipes That Fit Into Every Busy Schedule

In 2007, I wrote Super Natural Cooking. It was a cookbook celebrating the power of natural foods at a time when cooking with whole grains and focusing on nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients wasn’t as popular. Super Natural Cooking and its 2011 follow-up, Super Natural Every Day, highlighted a style of cooking and sourcing of ingredients that felt right to me. It made sense to eat real food and cook using mindfully grown, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. The case for vegetarianism (and veganism) was similar then to what it is now: better for the planet, better for the animals, better for

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Pistachio is trending with lattes, doughnuts, and these 5 easy recipes

If you’re nuts for pistachios, you’re in good company. Pistachios show up on and off menus at popular venues, much to delight of foodies.

Pistachio trees, native to Central Asia, today grow in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and even Texas. The nut is technically a seed, a kissing cousin to the cashew, and oddly, the mango.

Dallasites can savor local delicacies like the pistachio soufflé, an off-menu sweet at Rise through April, the seasonal pistachio latte at Starbucks, and the Peace’stachio vanilla cake doughnut, with brown butter glaze and crushed pistachios, at Hypnotic Donuts & Biscuits. Gourmet ice cream and

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