Food Apartheid: Racialized Access to Healthy Affordable Food

By Nina Sevilla

Food insecurity rates have skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but even before March 2020, many Americans already faced challenges accessing healthy and affordable food.

“Food desert” has become a common term to describe low-income communities — often communities of color — where access to healthy and affordable food is limited or where there are no grocery stores. Living in Tucson, Arizona, in the Sonoran Desert, taught me that despite its common usage, “food desert” is an inaccurate and misleading term that pulls focus from the underlying root causes of the lack of access to healthy food in

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Marine vet launches “Pleasant Playground Garden Committee” to provide healthy food access in Mt. Airy

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Fifty-two-year-old Joseph Johnson has always had a passion for gardening and the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation scene.

Spending most of his earlier years between the city’s West Oak Lane and Mt. Airy sections, Johnson enjoyed playing at Pleasant Playground on the 6700 block of Chew Avenue.

“Pleasant playground was my home. I grew up here playing basketball, football, baseball with a lot of my friends,” said Johnson.

After learning of the work of John Seawright, who was the former director of Pleasant Playground, Johnson then went on to enroll at Temple University to major in parks and

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North Charleston wants your feedback on how to improve healthy food access | News

NORTH CHARLESTON — Government officials are working together to improve food access in the southern end of the city.

The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments and the city are cooperatively exploring options that would make it easier to access healthy foods in neighborhoods.

Many communities on the city’s southern end and in the Neck Area are in “food deserts,” where they lack a nearby grocery store.

Officials are asking for public feedback on mobility-focused efforts to provide people with food. The survey can be found at

Residents who complete the two-minute survey by the April 11 deadline will be

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Fresh out of the Box bridging healthy food access and healthy food cooking

A year later, Mill Community Ministries is trying a new approach. The non-profit that works to mitigate food insecurity and to foster entrepreneurship and community development has grown its scope during the pandemic – collecting and distributing over 500,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Access is one piece of strengthening food security in a community, said Mill Community Ministries executive director, Dan Weidenbenner, but people also need to know how to cook it.

In January, Mill Communities launched Fresh out of the Box with FoodShare, a new kind of cooking show that both explains the importance of healthy

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54.4 million Americans don’t have access to healthy food. That’s a des

Even in the richest parts of urban America there are pockets of deep food insecurity, and more often than not it is Black and Latino communities that are hit hardest.

As an urban planning academic who teaches a course on food justice, I’m aware that this disparity is in large part through design. For over a century, urban planning has been used as a toolkit for maintaining white supremacy that has divided U.S. cities along racial lines. And this has contributed to the development of so-called “food deserts“—areas of limited access to reasonably priced, healthy,

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