Vegetarian for 45 Years Accidentally Eats Meat after McDonald’s Serves Chicken Instead of Veg Burger

Fast food counters can often goof up your order. But for a vegetarian woman who hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years, the goof-up turned out to be rather unpleasant after she accidentally ended up eating a chicken burger that she was served at a McDonalds’ drive through in the United Kingdom, despite ordering a veggie burger.

Gloucestershire resident Louise Davies had been a devout vegetarian for nearly 45 years. The 50-year-old received the shock of her life, however, when she accidentally bit into a meat burger pattie at a local McDonald’s drive-through outlet. Davies had ordered a Vegetable Deluxe McDonalds’

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A Brilliant Burger and Other Inspired Recipes

When I was picking out this week’s recipes for you, I was dreaming of Memorial Day weekend gatherings and the days that follow, that first big summer-vibe weekend of the year. (By the way, our Food staff’s favorite recipes for the season are right here in this amazing feature.)

But then I noticed that the recipes below have something else in common: inspiration drawn from wide-ranging sources, some slightly tweaked and others reimagined to become something equally delicious. Kay Chun’s savory-sweet Korean barbecue-based burger is a superb example. Tell me what you’re cooking! I’m [email protected]

P.S. A reader wrote to

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Vetements Vegetarian Burger, Combo Meal at KM20

With its biggest collection to date hitting stores, Vetements is taking a break from clothing to focus on food. Part of its Fall/Winter 2021 rollout, which is launching especially early, the divisive fashion label is introducing its very own combo meal, to be served exclusively at Moscow concept store KM20.

One of Vetements’ earliest and staunchest supporters, KM20 founder Olga Karput appropriately models the accompanying campaign, which sees her showcasing the grub alongside a selection of Vetements’ new apparel. Wrapped in eco-conscious Vetements-branded packaging, the three-piece meal includes a vegetarian “hamburger,” french fries and a soda, served atop a plastic

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