Vegetarian ‘vomits’ after biting into ‘Vegetarian Deluxe’ containing chicken


Vegetarian Louise Davies hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years until recently.

A McDonald’s customer in England felt “betrayed” after she bit into a vegetarian burger that contained a chicken fillet.

Louise Davies wanted to treat her 11-year-old daughter who had just broken up for school holidays, little did she know she was in for an awful shock.

Davies said she “immediately” vomited and couldn’t eat for the next 12 hours.

The 50-year-old said she hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years but instantly recognised the taste of chicken.

“I immediately was

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Vegetarian for 45 Years Accidentally Eats Meat after McDonald’s Serves Chicken Instead of Veg Burger

Fast food counters can often goof up your order. But for a vegetarian woman who hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years, the goof-up turned out to be rather unpleasant after she accidentally ended up eating a chicken burger that she was served at a McDonalds’ drive through in the United Kingdom, despite ordering a veggie burger.

Gloucestershire resident Louise Davies had been a devout vegetarian for nearly 45 years. The 50-year-old received the shock of her life, however, when she accidentally bit into a meat burger pattie at a local McDonald’s drive-through outlet. Davies had ordered a Vegetable Deluxe McDonalds’

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Philippines woman orders crispy fried chicken, gets ‘fried towel’ instead

A family’s late night snack craving turned into a sad incident, when instead of juicy fried chicken, they were delivered fried towel! Although hard to believe, the incident did happen recently, in the Philippines.

Alique Perez said she ordered chicken for her son from Jollibee, a popular fast-food chain in the country. On first glance, the pieces didn’t seem any different from usual pieces of fried chicken, with similar-looking brown crust. But things started to get weird after she failed to make her son take a bite. Saying that as she was trying to get him a bite, she found

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Air-Fryer Chicken Nuggets Recipe With Photos


Fast-food cravings are no joke. When you want an ice-cold Coca-Cola or crunchy chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, nothing hits quite like the things you can get from the drive-through, amirite? But sometimes you want to switch it up, whether that be because you’d like to try a recipe at home or just because you’d like to know exactly what’s going into your meal. And while I love pretty much all chicken nuggets, this one has that irresistible taste, thanks to a secret ingredient: pickle juice. I was surprised too, but a pickle juice marinade is what gives these chicken

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Grilled chicken souvlaki recipe by Croix Valley Foods is light, tasty

HUDSON – In Greece, souvlaki is shorthand for any piece of meat grilled on a skewer. In Wisconsin, food on a stick is shorthand for it’s State Fair season.

This recipe from Croix Valley Foods isn’t a traditional Greek recipe, nor is it reserved strictly for Wisconsin State Fair-goers, but it’s classic summer fare.

Damon Holter, Croix Valley Foods president, said he developed this grilled chicken souvlaki during a food fusion phase to populate the company’s website with recipes.

“It’s easy to make and flavorful,” Holter said. “It’s a good little dish.”

Before setting out to make the recipe he

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This Is My All-Time Favorite Chicken Recipe

On my last trip to the Bay Area, I landed at SFO and went right to La Guerrera’s Kitchen in Oakland, their famous tamales on my brain. But by the time I arrived, just after noon on a Sunday, they had sold out. Lucky for me, chef Ofelia Barajas and her daughter Reyna Maldonado were both working behind the counter of the airy, open kitchen, and they recommended I try the chicken mole instead. It was just cool enough on the patio that by the time I settled into a picnic table with my paper plate of chicken, draped in

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