Community groups benefit from grants based on hospital improvements

CLINTON – UMass Memorial Health- HealthAlliance Clinton Hospital recently invested $717,000 to fund community-based initiatives aimed at tackling the urgent health challenges of food insecurity, substance abuse, and workforce development.  To date, the hospital has committed more than $820,000 in resources, including emergency COVID response funding. 

This funding was made available by the Mass. Determination of Need (DoN) process regulating community investment as hospital capital improvement projects are approved.  As a result of HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital’s new Emergency Department, the hospital agreed to invest more than $2 million over a five-year period.   

Once the hospital completes an updated community needs assessment

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Veggies-for-Veterans provides healthy food options for Veterans and community partners

Phoenix area Veterans received sacks full of fresh produce thanks to a Shark Tank project and a host of sponsors, volunteers and VA staff.

Held five times a year at the Carl T. Hayden VA, Veggies-for-Veterans is a program started by Dr. Izabel Kozak, assistant chief of staff for Community Medicine, bringing together community partners to offer healthy food choices for Veterans.

“It’s a sight to see,” Kozak said. “The goal of our mobile-market is to help teach Veterans how to shop healthy and to encourage them to have healthy choices in their diet.”

Kozak learned of a Shark

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The Recorder – Greenfield Public Library’s Cooking Circle connects community through food

GREENFIELD — Since its inception last December, the Greenfield Public Library Cooking Circle has been a way for the community to connect virtually over a shared interest in cooking or baking.

“We were trying to find ways we could connect with our community virtually,” said Pamela McBride of the Greenfield Public Library. “Our first Cooking Circle was a cookie exchange. It was a lot of fun — we all got a lot of great cookie recipes.”

Since the winter holidays, the library has also hosted a soups and stews-themed Cooking Circle; a chocolate-themed Cooking Circle; and an Easter and Passover

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Free healthy food program strengthens community

The Harvest Hope Garden in the University area of Tampa is a place where kids and adults in the community can learn how to grow and prepare their food.

“[We’re] showcasing how you can use all five senses to cook and how at a young age you can still be engaged with the kitchen, and setting someone up for success when it comes to not only feeding their stomachs, but also their mind, their body, and their soul,” said Dhalia Bumbaca, the CEO of Wellfed

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New community gardens in Durham aimed to improve accesbility to healthy food options ::

— A community effort in Durham is planting seeds of opportunity by working to improve the availability of fresh food and physical skills for seniors.

“It’s wonderful. I love coming out here,” Deborah Richardson said Monday as she picked plants in the new community garden at Preiss Steele Place, a Durham Housing Authority apartment complex for senior citizens and disabled residents.

Richardson, who has lived at Preiss Steele Place for almost 10 years, said access to healthy food is limited in the neighborhood.

A conversation with a community organizer dropping off food

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