Orange coffee soda is your mysteriously delicious summer drink

One of life’s great, rare pleasures is the kind that comes from changing your mind for the better. That feeling when you hear a song you were too cool for in high school, and suddenly realize it’s a banger. That recognition when you see that the present you’d never have picked out for yourself has grown on you. That epiphany that if you just roast that vegetable instead of boiling it, it’s delicious. That experience when you try something just to be polite and wind up loving it.

I hate fizzy drinks 98% of the time (Passover Coke

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Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for tomato and turmeric kitchari | Vegan food and drink

Kitchari is a mixture of rice and lentils, cooked with usually only a few spices. It is the height of comfort for most Indians, and what most women in my family make when everyone’s tastebuds need a rest. It’s a vote for a simpler meal, the equivalent of a pleasant cycle ride down a winding country lane. In our family (the youngest being just one), it is one of only a few meals we can put in the centre of the table and eat together – as a cook, that is the ultimate comfort.

Tomato and turmeric kitchari


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Gluten-free food costs rise could force makers to change recipes | Food & drink industry

The premium paid by shoppers for gluten-free versions of staple foods could increase in the coming months as the soaring cost of ingredients such as rice flour casts a shadow over the “free from” aisle in supermarkets.

These specialist foods already cost a lot more than mainstream products, making any price rise a source of concern, particularly for people who follow a gluten-free diet out of medical necessity. The scale of the problem means some firms could opt to rewrite recipes with cheaper ingredients.

Jason Bull, of the West Yorkshire-based ingredients firm Eurostar Commodities, said the wholesale price of rice

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TikTok Korean Iced Coffee Drink at McDonald’s

Another viral food hack taking over TikTok, McDonald’s special iced coffee combination is just what we need this summer.

The trick is simple: go to your nearest McDonald’s, ask for an iced black coffee and a vanilla soft serve. Open the cup lid and dunk the ice cream into the drink. Mix everything up and you’ll have a new beverage that tastes just like Korean-style iced coffee. The result tastes similar to an affogato and makes an ideal drink to cool down.

Watch the videos below to see what TikTokers think of the new hack. One warning: make sure to

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Level up your coffee, Soju: 7 TikTok drink recipes to try at home

Jade Yamanaka Gime ( – July 8, 2021 – 7:23pm

MANILA, Philippines – Apart from the never-ending dance crazes, interesting “story time” we got hooked on and makeup transformations, TikTok content creators also use the platform to share different beverage recipes that people can try at the comfort of their homes.

If you want to unlock the inner bartender and barista in you, you might want to check these recipes out!

Iced Caramel Macchiato 



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? Peaches – Justin Bieber


Coffee is the

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Spiced Coffee Kulfi: You Can Drink Your Coffee And Slurp It Too (Recipe Inside)

If coffee kick starts your day and you find yourself dreaming about a tall glass of chilled iced coffee to soothe your summer afternoons, then let us assure you, this is just the recipe for you. An ardent coffee lover or not, we can all agree that the coffee flavour has a powerful punch to offer. It gives an instant edge to simple brownies and cakes and is one of the popular ice-cream flavours too. So before we rush to the kitchen and make a tall glass of cold coffee, let us give you the recipe which is going to

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