To curry favor, favor curry: 6 recipes | Food and Drink

My house smells amazing.

I just cooked six types of curry, and my house smells like a food stall in Calcutta, or a kitchen in Guangzhou, or a home in Thailand, or a crowded street in Tibet, or a cafeteria in Kashmir, or a pub in England.

Actually, it smells like all of them, all at the same time.

It’s heaven. Absolute culinary heaven.

Curry, in its original incarnation, is any kind of sauce or gravy in Indian cooking. Usually, it is heavily seasoned with a mixture of pungent and potent spices such as cumin, fennel or cinnamon. The British,

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FFXIV director hits Twitch to share his coffee cookie recipe and drink wine

Just when I thought Final Fantasy XIV‘s director and producer Naoki Yoshida couldn’t get any cooler, he goes and pours himself a glass of wine and starts hosting a cooking show on Twitch. Yes, Yoshi-P went full suburban mom this week, and he is clearly living his best life. If you want in on this incredible lifestyle, he’s even shared his coffee cookie recipe with the world.

These are based on FFXIV’s coffee biscuits, but the stream title has a cookie pun (and maybe a reference to the oft-forgotten NES puzzler Yoshi’s Cookie?) so I’m going with the Americanism

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Chef’s Haven Cafe has closed in Independence Mall off Concord Pike in north Wilmington after a brief run.

The social media announcement noted that the breakfast and lunch spot’s other location in Hockessin remains open.

Last fall, Chef’s Haven took over the former location of De La Coeur Café.

The Hockessin location offers prepared foods in addition to artisan bread, cheeses, and charcuterie.

I Don’t Give a Fork owner moves to the coffee world

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to miss having one of a cheesesteak and mac and cheese sandwiches every once

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