Healthy Foods Dietitians Say You Should Be Eating Every Day

Heading to the grocery store without a grocery list almost always never goes well. Without a game plan for what foods to buy and what meals to make, it’s easy to aimlessly walk around those grocery aisles and just plop food in your basket. If you ever find yourself with this conundrum after a busy week, don’t sweat it—there are a variety of healthy foods you can grab that even dietitians recommend you should eat every day that will easily make all kinds of healthy, nutritious meals.

In general, any whole, real foods will work well for a healthy diet.

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Greater Lowell Community Foundation promotes healthy eating during pandemic

LOWELL — As COVID-19 has exacerbated food insecurity all around the region, the Greater Lowell Community Foundation has made it a priority to help the hungry put more healthy food on the table.

By providing recent grants to two local organizations — Mill City Grows in Lowell, and Gaining Ground in Concord — the GLCF is improving community access to organic fruits and vegetables during the pandemic through its COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund grants.

“These incredible nonprofit partners aim to increase the quality and quantity of fresh produce available to emergency-food programs in Greater Lowell,” said Jay Linnehan, GLCF president

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We’re eating more vegan meat and milk than ever

It can be hard to keep up with the plant-based food industry. Every month seems to bring buzzy product launches and press releases from startups about the millions of dollars they’ve raised from investors. At the same time, big-name traditional food companies continue to launch their own lines of dairy- and meat-free foods at a rapid clip.

Each year the Plant Based Foods Association and the Good Food Institute — the two main groups that advocate for meat and dairy alternatives — publish a state of the industry of sorts, analyzing how these products actually perform in grocery stores. It’s

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For a Healthy Approach to Food, Consider Anti-Inflammatory Eating | Now

A black bean burger, one of the many recipe offerings from "The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook." Photographs by Harper Point Photography.

A black bean burger, one of the many recipe offerings from “The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook.” Photographs by Harper Point Photography.

Despite the name, the “anti-inflammatory diet” isn’t really a diet, per se, but a way of approaching, cooking and eating food. It encourages eating more foods that are minimally processed and come from plant sources more often than animal sources, which can lead to better health and wellness and a decrease of inflammatory markers and health conditions associated with inflammation.

A new book, “The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook,” explores recipes and opportunities to encourage this kind of eating. It’s

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