Doctors say these nutrients are essential to healthy eating

(WKBN) – Food is an important part of many people’s lives, but not all food is the same. Some people even have food insecurity, which goes beyond just feeling hungry.

Lots of foods have carbohydrates and proteins.

But those aren’t the only nutrients people need to live a healthy life.

The human body has different processes that are constantly occurring and certain nutrients are vital to making those processes function properly.

When our bodies lack nutrients, those processes won’t work as they should which could potentially lead to some health problems.

“Often times, you know, people will consume foods that

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Why is Eating Healthy Food Crucial at This Point of Time? Read on

After getting infected with coronavirus, the body needs more protein-rich and nutritious food. People who are infected with the covid-19 virus need to work on building stronger immunity. This is possible only if they have a healthy diet followed by other health choices. What we eat right now is linked with preventing, fighting and recovering from Covid-19 infection.Also Read – 7 Most Important Nutrients to Eat During Pregnancy

There is no guarantee as to what food will prevent getting affected by Covid-19. However, the inclusion of these food groups is important to support and build immunity. Also Read –

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Better health through better eating

Some of the most effective medicine for good health doesn’t come from the pharmacy. It can be found in our refrigerators or pantries. What we eat plays a huge role in our well-being. Spreading that message is the mission for the University of Utah Center for Community Nutrition (UCCN).

The center was created in 2017 to advance public health through community outreach. The team is made up of registered dietitians, community nutritionists and faculty members, as well as master’s students at the University of Utah College of Health who are studying nutrition, said Dr. Julie Metos, UCCN executive director.


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10 Simple Dinner Ideas for Healthy Eating in Real Life

You may think that preparing healthy, delicious dinners at home is a complicated process, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

Even though I love food and enjoy cooking, I like to keep it simple when it comes to mealtime. This means choosing recipes that are easy to follow and don’t involve complicated cooking techniques or seemingly never-ending steps.

Here are 10 of my go-to simple dinner recipes that can help you get a healthy meal on the table quickly.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with beneficial nutrients like beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber

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Helping kids cultivate healthy eating habits; Santa Cruz County nonprofits making a difference

Making healthy food choices is an important life skill that too many kids just never get the chance to learn. But what if kids were given the opportunity to help grow or cook their own food? Would they adopt healthier eating habits that last a lifetime, and even contribute to the health and wellbeing of others in their community?

Kids with the nonprofit Food What?!

FoodWhat?! students, Spring 2021


Those working with educational nonprofits in Santa Cruz County believe that answer is yes. Life Lab, Farm Discovery at Live Earth, Teen Kitchen Project, and FoodWhat?! are four local organizations that all share the common goal

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Longer Lunch Breaks In Schools May Promote Healthy Eating Habits Among Kids: Study

Let’s admit – fruits and vegetables were never a preferred lunch choice for most of us in school. During those days, healthy foods took a backseat and noodles, sandwich, cakes and fries were given priority. Have you ever wondered, why? While many might think it’s the age to get attracted to fried food, researchers at the University of Illinois find the time dedicated for lunch break to be one of the major factors affecting a child’s food habit. A study, published in the journal ‘JAMA Network Open’ suggests that with more time at the lunch table, kids are more likely

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