Michigan’s Best Local Eats: Family recipe guides Nick’s Original House of Pancakes’ from-scratch meals

ANN ARBOR, MI — Nick Panos takes pride in his “from-scratch kitchen.”

“We crack our own eggs,” said Panos, owner of Nick’s Original House of Pancakes in Ann Arbor. “We make our own batter.”

The batter recipe, a close-kept secret, was created by his aunt, also a local restaurant owner.

Nick’s Original House of Pancakes, 3030 Lohr Circle, celebrates its 13th anniversary in December, Panos said. The restaurant focuses on breakfast food, serving up omelets, biscuits and gravy and, of course, pancakes.

“Obviously, pancakes are the highlight,” Panos said.

Panos serves the classics — including chocolate chip, banana and strawberry

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Vegetarian tortoise attacks and eats bird in ‘horrifying’ video

Watch out for tortoises.

While it’s been believed that tortoises are vegetarian, a newly released video seems to suggest otherwise. According to researchers, changes in the environment may have caused certain animals to change their behaviors.

Footage filmed on Fregate Island in the Indian Ocean shows a tortoise attacking and then eating a tern chick. Cambridge University released the video on various platforms, where it called out the odd behavior for a supposedly ‘vegetarian’ animal.

Dr. Justin Gerlach, who is a director of studies at Peterhouse, Cambridge and an affiliated researcher at the University of Cambridge’s Museum of Zoology, led

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Vegetarian for 45 Years Accidentally Eats Meat after McDonald’s Serves Chicken Instead of Veg Burger

Fast food counters can often goof up your order. But for a vegetarian woman who hadn’t eaten meat for 45 years, the goof-up turned out to be rather unpleasant after she accidentally ended up eating a chicken burger that she was served at a McDonalds’ drive through in the United Kingdom, despite ordering a veggie burger.

Gloucestershire resident Louise Davies had been a devout vegetarian for nearly 45 years. The 50-year-old received the shock of her life, however, when she accidentally bit into a meat burger pattie at a local McDonald’s drive-through outlet. Davies had ordered a Vegetable Deluxe McDonalds’

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My husband eats meat. I don’t. It can get surprisingly complicated.

Food was at the heart of my courtship with my now-husband Ben. We traipsed New York City in search of the best slice, signed up for macaroni and cheese festivals, and, later, he’d delight (sometimes) in my vegetarian cooking. Even now, he’ll request a Beyond Meat burrito for dinner.

While we both love food, we don’t see eye to eye on the ethics behind it or, perhaps better put, I have a real passion for the environmental and humane aspects behind my eating, while his take is more along the lines of, “I love hot dogs.”

I’ve been eating vegetarian

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Natalie Reveals Why She Eats Fish As A Vegetarian

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Natalie said that she is a vegetarian who eats fish and seafood. Find out what she told a fan about her diet.

90 Day Fiancé star Natalie Mordovtseva claimed that she is a vegetarian but was recently seen ordering scallops and making sushi on her YouTube channel. A curious fan tried to clear the confusion by asking Natalie whether she really is a vegan who still eats fish. And now, Mike Youngquist’s fiancée is providing some clarity on her vegan diet and explaining what she does and doesn’t consider to be animal meat.


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