New restaurant at Dr. Wilkinson’s in Calistoga offers ‘healthy comfort food’ | Food

“I feel like it has a little dash of Palm Springs thrown in,” Logan said.

Logan’s menu is a match for the resort’s adopted “detox and retox” mantra. The idea is to detoxify your body with spa treatments and healthy food so you are ready to take on wine country. Or, take on wine country, then detoxify, repeat as necessary.

“It’s all about finding a balance,” Logan said. “Detox so we can retox. Having fun with it and being self-aware that we all want to cleanse, and we all want to play. This is, after all, wine country.”

Many of

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Comfort food from Mom’s recipe box

Regardless of ages, whether they are still with us or not, this is a good time to remember her, however you choose. My guess is that when you think of her, there are memories that stand out, and probably some would be what she cooked or baked. Likely those memories also come with a story. With that in mind, we asked several PB co-workers what some of their favorites from their moms were.

Trust me, they are winners. I made two, and added them to my recipe file — the banana bread and the macaroni and cheese. Man, were they

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Is Dark Chocolate Actually a Healthy Food? We Asked RDs

You might view dark chocolate as a health food, but is it? Before you bite into that piece of chocolate, understand why dark chocolate may not deserve the health halo it’s been wearing.

Chocolate may not be the nutritional equivalent of kale, but it’s still lauded as a healthy food far and wide because of the antioxidants it contains. And there’s data to suggest that chocolate, dark to be specific, can do a body and brain good. However, before you think this gives you license to scarf dark chocolate mini Milkyways like it’s Halloween, there are caveats.

The Truth About

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Get Fresh Daily helps get healthy food into the hands of Black moms

It started with a green smoothie. When Jiana Murdic’s on-the-go breakfast attracted the interest of her fifth grade students, she began bringing in unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, like kiwis and figs, to surprise and engage them. The plant-based meals she took for granted became a core tenant of her connection with students—it didn’t take her long to realize something else was at play.

“I started to recognize the connection between what my students were eating before they came to school and their ability to focus on the 90-minute reading block that we were required to start the day with,”

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Home chefs whip up healthy food for Covid patients, their families | Pune News

PUNE: Many home chefs in the city have joined the initiative to provide free meals for Covid-19 patients in their areas.
Bhavesh Utmani, an IT professional, who is a home chef during the weekends, said, “My parents and I tested positive for Covid-10 last month and were in home quarantine. It was difficult for us to prepare meals, so we hired a tiffin service. However, my parents did not like the food. So, when I recovered, I signed up on the online portal ‘Covid Meals for India’ to offer free meals for Covid patients in isolation and their families.”
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Moonchild Foundation supports Tucson families with healthy food giveaway

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – With more kids learning from home during the pandemic, and summer fast approaching, healthy options haven’t always been accessible for families.

”When we look at the statistics in regards to obesity rates, diabetes, or even those experiencing extreme complications with COVID, a lot of the connections have to do with the overall lifestyle,” said Abby Charles, Miss Tucson.

Dozens of volunteers gathered at Rillito Park in Tucson Saturday, May 1, to give away 300 bags of healthy snacks.

Families could drive up and receive a snacks bag for each member in their family.


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