One Surprising Health Effect of Not Eating Meat, New Study Says

Perhaps Meatless Monday meals should occur a few more days a week. According to research that was presented at the annual European Congress on Obesity (ECO), vegetarians are likely to have healthier biomarkers—measurements that offer a clinical assessment—compared to meat lovers.

Study authors from the University of Glasgow examined the self-reported diet habits of healthy adults (ages 37 to 73) in the United Kingdom. After dividing the men and women into two groups—vegetarians (4,111 of the volunteers) and meat-eaters (a total of 166,516 people)—the investigators observed 19 blood and urine biomarkers associated with various chronic conditions and diseases.

And here’s

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Implementing Food Security Programs That Promote Health Equity

By Hannah Nelson

– In pursuit of health equity, the American Heart Association announced that it will distribute $2.1 million in funding to businesses and nonprofits in Chicago and Atlanta that are fighting food insecurity, one of the leading social determinants of health.

The funding, which comes from the American Heart Association’s Bernard J. Tyson Impact Fund, will go toward 12 local minority or women-led businesses and nonprofits that address food insecurity in underserved communities.

A $5 million donation from the Walmart Foundation’s Center for Racial Equity will allow for two additional rounds of funding.

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Wolf: Pa.’s food assistance programs sustain health during disaster emergency | Roads and Traffic

The departments of Agriculture and Human Services (DHS) discussed the Wolf Administration’s efforts to support Pennsylvania’s charitable food network and food assistance programs so that no Pennsylvanians are going hungry throughout the COVID-19 public health crisis, thanks to the disaster declarations issued by Governor Tom Wolf.

Pennsylvania’s disaster declaration authority has allowed the administration to leverage more than $1 billion in additional, federally funded food assistance as well as other resources and regulatory flexibilities necessary to rise to the challenges many Pennsylvanians continue to experience.

Administration officials spoke ahead of next month’s primary election when Pennsylvanians will choose whether the

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Why Food For Health Matters Now

BLUE HILL, Maine, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With a global pandemic upending the country’s agri-food and health systems, and a new administration at the helm, Americans have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw out the old playbooks, re-structure the way they approach food in the U.S., and re-shape the future of health and prosperity in America. Food for Health is calling for a new road map to reimagine the food system through a four-point plan.

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Garcia’s health plan leans on better food accessibility

People take food from a community refrigerator in the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn.

People take food from a community refrigerator in the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn. | AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey

With an estimated two million New Yorkers struggling to afford enough food, mayoral hopeful Kathryn Garcia is releasing a health plan that aims to get New Yorkers access to primary care doctors and mental health support — but also get their hands on healthy food.

As part of her health policy platform, set to be released Monday and first reviewed by POLITICO, Garcia, the former city Sanitation commissioner and “food czar” during the Covid-19 pandemic, proposes a city subsidy to help families

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Bitter is flavor worth remembering when it comes to healthy food and health

As a flavor, bitter often gets a bad rap.

However, bitter foods like arugula, frisee, rapini and their respective bitter edges are showing up on menus and the vegetable aisle of supermarkets.

We are starting to “get it” — bitter flavors are important to our sense of taste. They help balance sweet, salty and sour notes. The bitter flavor elevates a meal experience and excites the nervous system.

For the most part, we should consider bitterness as the taste of health. That’s because the compounds that make foods come off as bitter to our taste buds such as polyphenols in

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