Vegetarians Have Healthier Disease Markers

A new study from the European Association for the Study of Obesity found that vegetarians have healthier biomarkers than meat-eaters, a study conducted on over 166,000 UK adults found.

Biomarkers include good and bad health effects like chronic conditions, promoting or preventing cancer, and age-related diseases. Dieters were given either a vegetarian or meat diet and then checked for biomarkers for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, liver, bone and joint health, and kidney function.

Vegetarians had lower levels of 13 biomarkers, including creatinine (a marker of worsening kidney function), total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and apolipoprotein A (linked to cardiovascular

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Seed Money: Black Entrepreneurs Hope Pandemic Gardening Boom Will Grow Healthier Eating

DENVER — Ietef Vita had planned to spend most of 2020 on the road, promoting “Biomimicz,” the album the rapper had released on his #plantbasedrecords label in January. Vita, known to his fans as “DJ Cavem Moetavation” and “Chef Ietef,” had those plans unexpectedly cut short.

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“We were in Berkeley, California, on Feb. 29, playing there and literally got out of town right before they shut the whole country down,” recalled Vita, 34, who has performed for the Obamas and is widely

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Drinking, Smoking Vegans Are Healthier Than Carnivores

First things first: It goes without saying that lighting up a cigarette or knocking back a bottle of booze is bad for your health. In fact, here are five ways alcohol may be sabotaging your healthy diet efforts.

With that being said, some interesting new research, presented at the European Congress of Obesity from researchers at the University of Glasgow is a testament to just how powerful a vegetarian or vegan diet can be. Even if you account for lifestyle factors like smoking and alcohol intake, vegetarians had significantly better biomarker levels than meat-eaters across important areas like total

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Study: Vegetarians Have Healthier Biomarker Profile than Meat-Eaters | Medicine, Nutrition

Vegetarians appear to have lower levels of disease biomarkers that can lead to cell damage and chronic disease, according to new research from the University of Glasgow.

Vegetarians have a healthier biomarker profile than meat-eaters. Image credit: Rita E.

Vegetarians have a healthier biomarker profile than meat-eaters. Image credit: Rita E.

Biomarkers, or biological markers, are objective, quantifiable characteristics of biological processes.

They are often measured and evaluated using blood, urine, or soft tissues.

“Biomarkers can have bad and good health effects, promoting or preventing cancer, cardiovascular and age-related diseases, and other chronic conditions, and have been widely used to assess the effect of diets on health,” said senior author Dr.

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Vegetarians Have Healthier Biomarkers Than Meat Eaters

  • U.K. researchers have found that vegetarians have better indicators of health, called biomarkers, than people who eat meat.
  • Vegetarians had overall lower levels of cholesterol, among other biomarkers.
  • Experts say people don’t have to become vegetarian to be healthy. Instead, eating meat in moderation can lead to better health.

People who follow a vegetarian diet have a healthier biomarker profile than meat eaters, found a new observational study of more than 177,000 British adults being presented at this week’s European Congress on Obesity (ECO).

According to the researchers, this applied to people of any age and weight, and was

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Vegetarians who drink and smoke a lot are still healthier than meat-eaters, big new study finds

Research shows that vegetarians are healthier than meat-lovers even if they are smokers and drinkers.

The scientists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have examined more than 175,000 British adults, revealing that those with a plant-based diet were healthier than meat-lovers regardless of their age, weight, smoking habits, or how much alcohol they consumed, according to Study Find.

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The team factored in 19 different biomarkers in preventing cancer, heart and age-related diseases, as well as

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