Make fun, easy iced coffee at home | Food Drink

There are no local businesses I like to support more than coffee shops. It’s not just the higher quality of coffee I keep coming back for but the home-away-from-home atmosphere.

However, I can’t afford a $6-$7 specialty coffee five times a week. This summer I’m still going to be visiting my favorite shops, just with a budget. With that in mind, I’ve learned how to make a variety of coffee drinks from home that are simple, cheap, fun and surprisingly easy.

If you have no time in the morning, like me when I push the snooze too many times, the

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Abanico Coffee Roasters is Right at Home in The MissionDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The new Abanico Coffee Roasters shop at 17th and Mission St. in The Mission. Courtesy photo by Rocio Russo Pearce @rociopearce

Coffee roaster and Q Grader Ana Valle’s childhood memories of her family sipping cafecitos in El Salvador have come full circle as her company, Abanico Coffee Roasters, has opened its first retail brick-and-mortar coffee shop in San Francisco’s Mission district.

Along with the expertly-crafted cappuccinos and lattes, the items listed on Abanico’s bilingual English/Spanish menu include a variety of traditional Latin American options such as café con leche, café de olla, and café con morro. The latter is

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Making cold brew coffee at home

It’s a pretty easy process, but it takes about half a day, so do it overnight.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — If hot coffee and hot weather don’t do it for you but you still need a caffeine fix, maybe cold brew is for you.

The Consumer Reports home editor, who covers all things coffee at CR, says his kitchen is overflowing with coffee makers and caffeine-related gadgets. But he also says you don’t need any of them to make a fine batch of cold-brew coffee.

Cold-brew coffee, as the name suggests, is brewed with cold water instead of hot water, and

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Home chefs whip up healthy food for Covid patients, their families | Pune News

PUNE: Many home chefs in the city have joined the initiative to provide free meals for Covid-19 patients in their areas.
Bhavesh Utmani, an IT professional, who is a home chef during the weekends, said, “My parents and I tested positive for Covid-10 last month and were in home quarantine. It was difficult for us to prepare meals, so we hired a tiffin service. However, my parents did not like the food. So, when I recovered, I signed up on the online portal ‘Covid Meals for India’ to offer free meals for Covid patients in isolation and their families.”
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Cookie butter lattes are trending on TikTok and here is how you make one at home

These sound all sorts of delicious.

When it comes to cool and viral new food or drink trends to try, TikTok has quickly become the go-to place to find them.

From whipped coffees to that baked feta cheese pasta, we have been kept busy this past year testing out all the dishes and drinks TikTok has been telling us we need to know about.

And right now, apparently, what we should all be sipping to beat the heat, are cookie butter lattes.

Sounds tasty? We know!

And the good news is, they are not overly complicated or time-consuming to throw

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A black sesame and coconut mochi recipe to make at home

Not quite like bread dough but not your standard cookie dough either, mochi is a class in itself. Made with glutinous rice flour, this dough is hydrated and heated so that the starches absorb water, swell and burst. (The traditional method involves steaming and pounding cooked rice.) The result is a sticky dough that can be rolled and molded around a variety of fillings. While McKinnon grew up eating the Cantonese version known as lo mai chi, filled with red bean paste or peanut and coconut, here she uses the name for the popular Japanese treat. Her rendition is stuffed

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