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For most of the year, I identify very strongly as a hot tea drinker.

I usually start my day with a cup of breakfast tea, then follow up later in the day with either an afternoon (caffeinated) tea, or an herbal tea with flavors like ginger, echinacea, turmeric, et cetera. My electric kettle is my favorite kitchen appliance.

But North Country summers can get pretty hot and muggy so, unfortunately, drinking hot tea makes me feel hot and muggy.

I’ll freely admit to being too lazy most of the time to brew iced tea. Plus, that has always felt like

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13 Healthy Iced Coffee Recipes to Keep You Refreshed

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Delicious rib recipes on TikTok that will make your mouth water

If you’re in the mood for a plate of ribs, here are five of the most delicious rib recipes on TikTok. 1. To make this easy fall-off-the-bone ribs recipe, start by cutting up a rack of ribs, squeezing a lemon onto them, and seasoning with your favorite spices. Next, cook the ribs in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours, brush on your favorite barbecue sauce, then broil the ribs for five minutes on each side. 2. Start these rib corn dogs by seasoning

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How to make iced coffee Love Island style with super easy recipe

Anyone watching Love Island this year would have noticed the contestants drinking lots and lots of iced coffee.

It appears to be the favourite drink in the villa with the boys making the girls one every morning.

For anyone craving a deliciously chilled caffeine pick-me-up this summer, SurreyLive has a superb recipe for you.

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Instagrammer @cakeontherun has shared her super quick iced coffee recipe and it’s so easy to make at home.

It can be made low calorie if choosing skimmed milk and low

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These three homemade iced coffee recipes will help you beat the heat this summer – Food

Picture this: it’s mid-afternoon and the temperature outside is pushing well over 30 degrees — you are desperate for your daily coffee hit. However, the feverish heat means that the mere thought of downing a cup of hot coffee makes you sweat.

Be it your regular hot cup of cappuccino or latte or the mind awakening shots of espresso, getting through the day without coffee is a challenge for many of us.

Well, consider your problems solved with these three easy yet decadent iced coffee concoctions!

Be it a luscious evergreen glass of dalgona, or the oddly satisfying bitter-sweet combination

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Iced Coffees Hacks And Tips


Invest in an iced coffee machine



If you want barista-quality iced coffees at home every single time,  you can’t go wrong with buying an iced coffee machine. This Breville machine comes complete with a double-wall insulated tumbler, straw, coffee scoop and removable filter. Ooooooo, fancy!


Use leftover coffee to make iced coffee cubes

Next time you make coffee, and you have some left over that you simply can’t finish, instead of pouring it down the sink, pour it into an ice cube tray. Allow it to cool, then pop the tray into your freezer. Then

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How To Make The Love Island Iced Coffee, According To TikTok

We’re just over a month into this year’s series of Love Island, and things are finally heating up in the villa. We’ve got drama, people!

And what better way to settle into the dramatic happenings in the show than by making Love Island’s iconic iced coffee. A-huh, you heard me!

Thanks to TikToker, Eli Hussein, we’ve found out the super-simple process for making the iced coffee that all of the islanders are drinking. And it couldn’t be easier to make.

Eli’s video is currently sitting on over 1 million views, along with 103,000 likes and 865 comments. It’s clear

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