Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI) Launches Cupping Form and ProtocolsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Just as coffee is a living, changing thing, so too is the industry’s collective evaluation of it. One organization pushing the envelope in coffee evaluation is the professional education-focused Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI).

After years of development, the Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit has released a new cupping form and associated cupping protocols, free resources designed to assist coffee buyers and producers alike in both the evaluation and communication of coffee’s attributes.

At the heart of the new form is the concept of description, which SCI contends is a more useful means than discrimination (“pass/fail”) through which to evaluate coffees, particularly

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Marine vet launches “Pleasant Playground Garden Committee” to provide healthy food access in Mt. Airy

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Fifty-two-year-old Joseph Johnson has always had a passion for gardening and the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation scene.

Spending most of his earlier years between the city’s West Oak Lane and Mt. Airy sections, Johnson enjoyed playing at Pleasant Playground on the 6700 block of Chew Avenue.

“Pleasant playground was my home. I grew up here playing basketball, football, baseball with a lot of my friends,” said Johnson.

After learning of the work of John Seawright, who was the former director of Pleasant Playground, Johnson then went on to enroll at Temple University to major in parks and

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Simonelli Group Launches Online Coffee Knowledge HubDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Simonelli Group photo.

Italy-based Simonelli Group has launched an online education platform called the Coffee Knowledge Hub (CKH).

Through a new website, the Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino espresso machine parent organization is offering more than 30 courses from various education providers and programs throughout the global coffee industry. The group says the Coffee Knowledge Hub will expand to 60 “newly digitized courses” by the end of 2021.

TH CKH is a natural extension of what Simonelli Group has already been doing in-person at various training centers in parts of Europe, Oceania and Asia over the years, especially as in-person

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Caravela Coffee Launches Coffee Compass for Farm OperationsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Orlando Lemus (2)

The Caravela Coffee Compass. Courtesy photo.

Vertically oriented green coffee trading company Caravela Coffee has introduced El Compás del Café (Coffee Compass), a calendar wheel designed to help coffee growers with farm monitoring and maintenance cycles.

“With this tool, they can schedule all their farm’s activities, ensuring that all critical tasks are taken care of at the right time — such as fertilizing, managing pests and diseases, planning the hiring of pickers, or preparing their fermentation tanks and drying patios before the harvest,” a Caravela spokesperson recently told DCN via email. “We see this tool helping them optimize their

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