Peperami launches vegetarian Vegerami bites that taste like chicken

Peperami goes veggie with vegetarian Vegerami range of chick'nless bites

Behold: Chick’nless Bites (Picture: Peperami/

Vegetarians, have you ever deeply craved the meaty flavour of a Peperami?

Yeah, us neither. Our main meat cravings tend to be hot dogs or ribs.

But just in case a veggie version of their product is what the people have been waiting for, Peperami has launched Vegerami – a vegetarian take on their usual meaty snacks.

Available in Tesco from June, Vegerami Chick’nless Bites come in two flavours, Pep’d Up and Smokin’.

They’re designed to taste, look, and feel like chicken, and are made with pea protein.

Peperami recommends eating them as an on-the-go

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SCA Launches 2021 Certified Commercial Equipment ProgramDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

SCA Certified Equipment

SCA promotional photo.

Building off its certification and sponsorship scheme for World Coffee Championship events, the Specialty Coffee Association has launched the SCA Certified Commercial Equipment Program.

“The program reviews commercial coffee brewers, coffee grinders, espresso grinders, and espresso machines to validate that they have been designed and engineered to give baristas quality and precision control, whether they’re on the competition stage or behind the bar serving customers,” the coffee industry membership organization said in announcement of the program launch today.

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Certification specifications for each product type, along with the application, can be found here.

A major

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Maverick Coffee Trading Launches in The NetherlandsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Maverick Coffee Trading logo

The Maverick Coffee Trading logo. All images courtesy of Maverick Coffee Trading.

A green coffee trading company called Maverick Coffee Trading has sprung to life in The Netherlands, focusing on coffees from numerous countries and continents of origin.

Based in Woerden in the central Netherlands, Maverick was founded by UK native and longtime coffee trading professional Will Hobby, who said the business will focus on specialty and conventional coffees while also implementing measures to promote supply sustainability and transparency.

Will Hobby coffee

Maverick Coffee Trading Founder Will Hobby at the cupping table.

“We are driven by our ethics, principles and belief that open,

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Hario Launches a Flurry of Pourover Products with Barista CollaborationsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The new Hario W60. All images courtesy of Hario.

Japanese coffee equipment maker Hario has been busy building its portfolio of manual pourover gear, releasing a flurry of new precision-focused products in a series called World Barista Collaboration.

W60 and Drip Assist

Leading the list of releases is the Hario W60 brewer, which builds upon time-tested concepts put forth by Hario’s iconic V60 pourover brewer.

Designed in collaboration with 2013 World Barista Champion Pete Licata (United States), the W60 has a ceramic body that holds V60 paper filters and maintains the spiral interior ribbing and large bottom hole, but

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Smash: Healthy food discount app for young people launches | News

App store image (1) (1)

An app that provides young people with money-off vouchers and promo codes on hundreds of healthy food products has launched in the UK.

Discounts on more than 300 products from 55 food brands are currently available on the Smash app, which is available exclusively to 13 to 24-year-olds.

Participating brands include Graze, Whitworths, Ugly Drinks, This, Meatless Farm and Deliciously Ella.

To access the app, users must take a selfie to pass a facial age scan, which uses technology powered by Yoti. They can then scan a curated menu of food options and see what savings can be made at

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Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI) Launches Cupping Form and ProtocolsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Just as coffee is a living, changing thing, so too is the industry’s collective evaluation of it. One organization pushing the envelope in coffee evaluation is the professional education-focused Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI).

After years of development, the Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit has released a new cupping form and associated cupping protocols, free resources designed to assist coffee buyers and producers alike in both the evaluation and communication of coffee’s attributes.

At the heart of the new form is the concept of description, which SCI contends is a more useful means than discrimination (“pass/fail”) through which to evaluate coffees, particularly

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