Sauce Recipes That Will Transform Any Meal

There’s the fantasy: cooking a party spread for friends, or even just dinner on any given night. And then there’s the reality: getting home late because of traffic or meetings that run long, or simply losing the motivation to make a whole meal from scratch because of the overwhelming desire to lie on the grass (or the couch) a little while longer. When that happens, a fridge filled with homemade sauces offers the promise of a nearly effortless meal.

The quickest way to dishes that thrill with big flavor is to dollop, spread or drizzle any of the options that

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Malaika Arora Enjoys This Wholesome Maharashtrian Meal – Guess What It Is (Recipe Inside)

If you are someone who looks up to celebrities for lifestyle goals, then Malaika Arora is surely on your list. She is one of the fittest celebrities in Bollywood and inspires many with her clean and healthy eating habits. But that doesn’t mean Malaika’s diet restricts to soup, salad and all things bland. In fact, she is someone who prefers keeping up a balance between healthy and tasty – and her Instagram is proof of that. Every now and then, she gives us sneak peek into her meals that mostly include dishes that are healthy, tasty and wholesome.

The 47-year-old

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Definition, benefits, meal plan, and more

A lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet includes eggs and dairy but avoids other animal products. Some research associates vegetarian diets with health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.

However, people should try to avoid too many processed foods, which can negate these health benefits. Instead, they should focus on eating whole foods.

This article defines what a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet is and looks at what the evidence says about its health benefits and potential risks. It lists what to eat and what to avoid and gives an example of a 5-day meal plan.

A lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet excludes meat, poultry, and fish

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Best prepared meal delivery for 2021

This past year — well, the last year and a half — has been one for the books and I know I’m not the only one who coped by chowing down on comfort foods like pizzasourdough bread and bacon. Now I’m looking to reset my eating habits and introduce a few more vegetables into my daily eating routine. 

Even if you’re not trying to overhaul your entire diet, committing to eating healthier just a few times a week can have a huge impact on your overall well-being. However, if you don’t have the time to start

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7 Recipes That Make Spring Produce the Star of Your Meal

We believe that cooking is an important piece of the wellness puzzle and that everyone can make magic (or at least some avo toast) happen in the kitchen. Sometimes, you just need someone to show you where to start. Cook With Us offers smart cooking tips and tricks from pros, easy recipes that help you make the most of simple ingredients, and all-around support for your cooking journey. See All

Farmers’ markets across the country are officially back in full swing, just bursting with spring produce for all your favorite seasonal recipes. And, hey, even if you’re still buying all

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Vetements Vegetarian Burger, Combo Meal at KM20

With its biggest collection to date hitting stores, Vetements is taking a break from clothing to focus on food. Part of its Fall/Winter 2021 rollout, which is launching especially early, the divisive fashion label is introducing its very own combo meal, to be served exclusively at Moscow concept store KM20.

One of Vetements’ earliest and staunchest supporters, KM20 founder Olga Karput appropriately models the accompanying campaign, which sees her showcasing the grub alongside a selection of Vetements’ new apparel. Wrapped in eco-conscious Vetements-branded packaging, the three-piece meal includes a vegetarian “hamburger,” french fries and a soda, served atop a plastic

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