21 Plant-Based High-Protein Meals Without Meat

Whether you’re fully vegetarian or just trying to add more meat-free options to your recipe rotation, these will help.

Whether you’re entirely vegetarian or you just want to introduce some meat-free options into your recipe rotation, we’ve got you covered with these plant-based meals — all of which are high in protein. 🌱


Many plants — not to mention, cheese and eggs — have plenty of protein, so you can take on Meatless Mondays (or go vegetarian) without worry. From a protein-packed take on cheesy mac ‘n’ cheese to a sweet but

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Everything you need to buy for food stylist and photographer Danielle Campbell’s Week of Meals recipes

Week of Meals is a weeknight dinner series that brings you five, easy-to-prepare weeknight recipes from one shopping trip that costs less than $100. Here’s your grocery list and the prep work to do on the day of shopping to set yourself up for effortless cooking the rest of the week.

For Danielle Campbell’s recipes, here’s what you’ll need:

These ingredients will need to be purchased if you don’t already have them.

Meat and seafood
2 pounds salmon filets
1 pound lean ground beef, lamb or pork
4 ounces pancetta
1 whole chicken (3 1/2 to 4 pounds)

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Two mad cooks: Home chefs whip up healthy meals for the COVID affected

Down with fever or fatigue, with no energy to cook – all that a COVID patient would want then, is a nutritious meal of home cooked food. And, this desire gave rise to a new army of covid warriors – the home chefs. In the pre-COVID era, they were known for delivering ghar ka khana to working folks and students or hosting regional cuisine popups. During the pandemic though, many of them are reaching out to provide healthy homemade food for affected individuals.

Reaching out with comfort food

Be it Covid positive patients, their families or those who are in

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12 Asheville restaurants for omnivores with hearty vegetarian meals

Asheville is an exceptional place for vegetarians in that nearly every independent restaurant makes meat-free accommodations far beyond the veggie burger. That’s why this is by no means a complete list. But if you’re a meat eater with a visiting vegetarian friend, here are just a few of the many places you might consider. 

Andaaz Indian Cusine

At lunch, this new Indian restaurant serves a buffet where you can find more vegetarian than meaty dishes. How often can you say that? Meat eaters will love the lamb curry but also will find the dal, the mixed vegetable pakoras, the palak

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30 Best One Pot Meals

Jambalaya Skillet

(Seasoned To Taste)

Dinnertime is one of the most important meals of the day for almost all families. It’s a great time to gather around the table, and reflect on the day’s events. Equally important is the ability to get dinner on the table in a breeze! With these 30 simple one-pot meals, you are sure to have a fuss-free meal made in no time.

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Food is the one thing that has a tendency to bring almost anyone together. Numerous studies have shown that eating dinner together as a family

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More easy, fast, delicious recipes for your next week of meals

After publishing our initial “Week of Meals” series back in March, we wanted to hear from you, our readers, before moving forward with it to see if this was something you wanted on a regular basis. Suffice it to say, the feedback we got was a resounding “MORE, PLEASE!” So, we’re here to deliver. While one day we may have the ability to do this series more often, for now, we’re going to make it a monthly recurrence. You can look forward to new “Week of Meals” recipes the first Sunday of each month. Each will be brought to you

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