Week of Meals: Blogger, author Jonathan Melendez’s recipes

This is the second installment in a series called “Week of Meals,” which will give you five weeknight dinner recipes with all the planning and strategizing built in. Each meal will make four servings, come together — start to finish — in less than 60 minutes, and require 10 or fewer ingredients (not counting cooking oil, salt and pepper or water). The groceries for all five meals can be bought from a single grocery store in a single shopping trip (remember, we’re looking to alleviate your frustration) and will cost less than $100 total.

Food blogger and cookbook author Jonathan

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Personal Chef Jenn Hanley Knight Creates Healthy, Custom Meals

For Chef Jenn Hanley Knight, “home” has been a variety of places over the years, from the West Coast to Amsterdam to her North Shore hometown of Merrimac. No matter her zip code, cooking and baking have always been preferences of Knight’s. Like many things, it began as a hobby that evolved into a full-scale profession. It was a move to San Francisco for her husband’s career that helped open the door from part-time jobs in restaurants to life as a personal chef. 

Working in restaurants came with much excitement (and a lot of demands) and Knight wondered if there

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40 High-Protein Vegetarian Meals That Will Fill You Up

Delicious and satiating high-protein vegetarian meals are essential for anyone who doesn’t eat meat—or is simply trying to cut back, even once in a while. And given the number of creative, convenient recipes out there today, incorporating high-protein, plant-packed dishes into your diet has never been easier or tastier. 

What counts as high-protein? There’s not a precise number, given everybody’s daily protein needs differ depending on factors like body size and composition, activity level, and age. But you do want to include protein with every meal for sure, and a good rough target for most people who exercise and want

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