How to Become a Vegetarian (or Eat Less Meat)

I have some personal news: I went vegan about three or four months ago. Considering that I’ve written thousands of words about how much I love tofu and black bean burgers, this “news” is hardly shocking, but with meat discourse reaching furious new heights (or depths?) every day, it seemed too relevant not to share.

To be honest, this has been a long time coming. I’ve never been morally or ethically opposed to eating animals—I’m still not—but capitalism is another story, and at this point there’s no separating the two. You don’t need me to tell you

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Vegetarian Dinners: Skip the Meat, Keep the Flavor

Internet sensation pasta. Photos by Keri White

These days, there is a lot of momentum around vegetarian eating. Whether you are going fully plant based/vegan or just popping a “meatless Monday” into the calendar every so often, the options for vegetable-centric menus are growing stronger every day.

I also find in the wake of Passover, with its delicious array of hearty dishes like matzah ball soup, brisket, lamb, roast chicken and matzah brei, a few vegetarian meals are kind of what the doctor ordered to level us back out.

These two dishes are short on effort and long on flavor

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Taco Bell Testing New Vegan Meat Alternative To Expand Vegetarian Menu

Taco Bell is working on expanding its vegetarian menu. This is why the fast-food chain is experimenting with its own proprietary vegan meat. The meat is being made from chickpea and pea blend. A company spokesperson said that vegan meat will be a substitute option for seasoned beef. The will be a substitute for any menu item at no extra charge. However, the no extra charge facility will be available only during the test. The new alternative meat will be initially sold at the Southern California location during the test run. It has been as the Cravetarian.

Offered in Cravetarian

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We’re eating more vegan meat and milk than ever

It can be hard to keep up with the plant-based food industry. Every month seems to bring buzzy product launches and press releases from startups about the millions of dollars they’ve raised from investors. At the same time, big-name traditional food companies continue to launch their own lines of dairy- and meat-free foods at a rapid clip.

Each year the Plant Based Foods Association and the Good Food Institute — the two main groups that advocate for meat and dairy alternatives — publish a state of the industry of sorts, analyzing how these products actually perform in grocery stores. It’s

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My husband eats meat. I don’t. It can get surprisingly complicated.

Food was at the heart of my courtship with my now-husband Ben. We traipsed New York City in search of the best slice, signed up for macaroni and cheese festivals, and, later, he’d delight (sometimes) in my vegetarian cooking. Even now, he’ll request a Beyond Meat burrito for dinner.

While we both love food, we don’t see eye to eye on the ethics behind it or, perhaps better put, I have a real passion for the environmental and humane aspects behind my eating, while his take is more along the lines of, “I love hot dogs.”

I’ve been eating vegetarian

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Celebrate Easter with a meat or vegetarian Frittata Florentine for brunch | Cooking with Sadie

Easter is a Christian festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus three days after he was crucified by the Romans. It is a holiday filled with joy, the colors of spring, festive pastel outfits, egg hunts and bunnies delivering sugary gifts to kids all over the globe — and, of course, the iconic Easter brunch.

I love to go over to my friends’ houses on Easter afternoon because I know the spread will be magnificent. I am never disappointed.

This year, with the holiday falling on April 4, I offer up for your Easter

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