Taco Bell Testing New Vegan Meat Alternative To Expand Vegetarian Menu

Taco Bell is working on expanding its vegetarian menu. This is why the fast-food chain is experimenting with its own proprietary vegan meat. The meat is being made from chickpea and pea blend. A company spokesperson said that vegan meat will be a substitute option for seasoned beef. The will be a substitute for any menu item at no extra charge. However, the no extra charge facility will be available only during the test. The new alternative meat will be initially sold at the Southern California location during the test run. It has been as the Cravetarian.

Offered in Cravetarian

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Bring in a singer, expand the menu

TAMPA — Things looked bleak for many food truck operators as the pandemic robbed them of their customers.

But the crisis inspired some creative thinking by two people who sell Latin American food on wheels, and now, they’re seeing more people show up at their windows.

One teamed up with a Peruvian singer who was also hoping to rebuild an audience.

“It was the best we could think of, because the pandemic has been like an earthquake for many of us.” said Vilma Flores, 67, who sells Peruvian food in Town N’ Country.

Oliver Castellanos, 63, was selling Colombian favorites

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‘Barefoot Contessa’ Ina Garten’s Make-Ahead Vegetarian Menu Will Satisfy Your Most Carnivorous Guests

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten is the queen of dinner parties. She has tons of ideas for your next get together. The Food Network star even has a dinner party menu that you can make ahead.

As an added bonus, you can make it a complete vegetarian experience with just a few simple tweaks. These dishes are so hearty, even your most carnivorous guests will be satisfied.

Ina Garten dines with Willie Geist on October 10, 2018

‘Barefoot Contessa’ Ina Garten | Mike Smith/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Garten’s recipe for Spanish Tapas Peppers results in a colorful appetizer that easily fits into her make-ahead philosophy. The cookbook author adds anchovies for some

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Woodlands Indian restaurant review: A vegetarian menu that deserves to be close to your heart

The weekends were the time to find yourself at Woodlands. Veg-heads, Hindus, College Park students and lovers of South Indian cooking would all gather at the restaurant, perhaps after temple or as part of larger day trips to eat, pray, love and shop (though probably not in that order). They all arrived for the same thing: owner Anand Poojary’s buffet, a sumptuous spread of more than 25 dishes, each one a rebuke to the notion that meat is somehow mandatory for any cuisine of great depth and diversity.

At $14.95 a pop — a price that wouldn’t even cover your

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