Hawaiian Coffee Association Names State’s Best Coffee & It’s Not From Kona

When it comes to American-grown coffee, as far as the general population is concerned, there is Kona and only Kona. But in 2021, the Kona Belt isn’t the only area within the 50th state capable of producing high-quality coffee. And in fact, according to the Hawaiian Coffee Association’s statewide cupping competition, the best crop this year didn’t come from the Big Island at all, but from neighboring Maui.

As reported by Big Island Video News, the HCA virtual conference took place last week, June 24th and 25th, and included in the programming was the 12th annual (but first

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Swiss Water Decaffeinated Names Marisol Pinzon Director of TradingDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Pinzon Headshot

Marisol Pinzon of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Co. Courtesy photo.

Coffee processing and trading company Swiss Water Decaffeinated has appointed Marisol Pinzon as managing director of trading and development. In the position, which has been newly created by the British Columbia, Canada-based company, Pinzon will lead worldwide sales and trading outside of the European market.

“As Swiss Water continues its strong growth trend, driven by increasing industry and consumer demand for chemical free decaffeination, evolving our structure to best support the needs of our customers is vital,” Swiss Water CEO Frank Dennis said in an announcement of the appointment today.

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