Fellow Drops Once a Week with Coffee Offerings Via TextDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Fellow Drops 1

Images courtesy of Fellow.

Consumer coffee equipment maker Fellow has just launched a text-message-based coffee ordering service called Fellow Drops.

Every Tuesday, Fellow Drops will send info and images to subscribers’ phones, detailing an offer for a different whole-bean coffee by a different roaster. The offerings, curated by a panel of Fellow employees, will occasionally include coffee offerings that are exclusive to Fellow Drops, according to the San Francisco-based company.

After providing payment and shipping info through an initial sign-up process, customers can send a single-digit reply to a Fellow Drops message to indicate the number of bags they

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Kingsport Nutrition is ready to shake up healthy options | News

KINGSPORT — There aren’t too many places you can find a fast meal you won’t regret later. But the folks at Kingsport Nutrition are hoping to change that.

Kingsport Nutrition offers meal-replacement shakes and loaded teas for a healthy alternative to typical food you can get on the go.

“It’s fast food for healthy people,” said Betsy Gray, one of the co-owners of Kingsport Nutrition. “We have a lot of good healthy choices for folks. It makes a good healthy breakfast and lunch. You can balance that out with a healthy dinner and you’re in good shape for that day.”

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Despite improvements, hundreds of Northeast Michiganders struggle to access healthy food | News, Sports, Jobs

News Photo by Crystal Nelson
Kim Gamache, manager at Male’s Grocery Store, stocks coffee at the store earlier this month.

ALPENA — More people in Northeast Michigan have easy access to food than in prior years, but hundreds of households still struggle to reach a grocery store.

Compared to 2015, 56 fewer Northeast Michigan households in 2019 lived far from a supermarket and lacked access to a vehicle to get them there, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Access Research Atlas.

The reasons for the improvement weren’t immediately clear, though the USDA data suggests

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An Introduction to Water Activity in Green CoffeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

While water activity may not affect cup score at any given moment, it may affect how long coffee maintains its quality. Daily Coffee News photo.

The world of science in the coffee industry has, for the past few years, been experiencing a renaissance involving innovation, technology, research and experimentation.

Most specialty coffee professionals have always been dedicated to a pursuit of excellence in all aspects of coffee — brewing, roasting, growing, processing, etc. — but in recent years, interest in a more scientific, data-driven approach to coffee has truly taken off and become mainstream.

Green coffee cupping tray

courtesy photo

It wasn’t too long

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Mercon Coffee Group and Conservation International Launching Environmental Sustainability AssessmentDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

International green coffee supplier Mercon Coffee Group is launching an environmental sustainability assessment program with support from corporate sustainability experts Conservation International.

The assessment will apply resources to review Mercon Group’s existing in-house sustainability program, called LIFT, while testing ways to integrate natural climate-related solutions into coffee production.

The program will also involve research into how specific activities may reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining high production levels, Mercon Group said in an announcement of the initiative.

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The environmental sustainability program is being supported through a US$50 million loan from IDB Invest, the private

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Three Questions with IWCA Executive Director Sarada KrishnanDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Jamaica Coffee Farm

Dr. Sarada Krishnan at her coffee farm in Jamaica. Courtesy photo.

Plant scientist and coffee sector leader Dr. Sarada Krishnan was recently named executive director of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

Born in India to a family that owned a coffee plantation and other crop farms, Krishnan’s interest in plants and biology at an early age eventually blossomed into a M.S. degree in horticulture from Colorado State University followed by influential doctoral research at University of Colorado on conservation genetics of wild coffee.

South Sudan coffee reserach project – field work 1 2012

Krishnan doing field work in South Sudan. Courtesy photo.

Krishnan also happens to own a

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