Sauce Recipes That Will Transform Any Meal

There’s the fantasy: cooking a party spread for friends, or even just dinner on any given night. And then there’s the reality: getting home late because of traffic or meetings that run long, or simply losing the motivation to make a whole meal from scratch because of the overwhelming desire to lie on the grass (or the couch) a little while longer. When that happens, a fridge filled with homemade sauces offers the promise of a nearly effortless meal.

The quickest way to dishes that thrill with big flavor is to dollop, spread or drizzle any of the options that

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Nutella Iced Coffee – Iced Coffee Recipes

nutella iced coffee

Hannah Hall

Nutella iced coffee is about to become your new fave drink, and it could not be easier to make. 

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Total Time:






espresso-style instant coffee

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  1. Fill a heat-safe glass with ice and pour over the milk. In another glass or mug stir together the instant coffee with the boiling water. Add the
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Gluten-free food costs rise could force makers to change recipes | Food & drink industry

The premium paid by shoppers for gluten-free versions of staple foods could increase in the coming months as the soaring cost of ingredients such as rice flour casts a shadow over the “free from” aisle in supermarkets.

These specialist foods already cost a lot more than mainstream products, making any price rise a source of concern, particularly for people who follow a gluten-free diet out of medical necessity. The scale of the problem means some firms could opt to rewrite recipes with cheaper ingredients.

Jason Bull, of the West Yorkshire-based ingredients firm Eurostar Commodities, said the wholesale price of rice

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8 Best Bulletproof Coffee Recipes From Celebrities

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Butter in your coffee? Sure! Putting butter in your coffee instead of the usual milk or creamer might seem off but Bulletproof Coffee drinkers say that it makes it creamier and more delicious. Aside from being low in carbs and has no sugar, keto dieters enjoy Bulletproof Coffee as it also helps keep them alert even while keeping their carb intake to a minimum. The popularity of Bulletproof Coffee as a delicious drink and its health benefits has led to more people making it a staple in their own diet, including celebrities.

So how is Bulletproof

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40 best summer recipes of 2021 from salads to dessert

After spending a long time out in the hot summer sun, a certain kind of meal — something comforting yet refreshing — can turn a regular day into a memorable one.

Some dishes are best served at room temp for those lazy, hot afternoons, while others should be served hot off the grill with a fresh salad and summery pasta. Top it all off with one of those wonderful summer desserts — you know: ice pops, no-bake cakes or homemade ice cream.

Here are a few of TODAY Food’s best summer recipes for when you’re craving something light, bright and

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7 Yummy Recipes To Include Basil In Your Daily Diet

Basil is a refreshing herb that grows abundantly in tropical areas and is native to central Africa and Southeast Asia. One of the oldest herbs known to us, its health benefits are innumerable. It has several anti-inflammatory properties and helps aid digestion. It is also known to prevent headaches and is a good remedy for insomnia. It is also a favourite of foodies around the world, as the herb lends a refreshing touch and elevates every meal it’s added to. From soups to desserts, the herb can be used to add a dimension to the simplest of recipes. 

Given its

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