Colombian Researchers Discover Aggressive New Variants of Coffee Leaf RustDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Coffee leaf rust causes brown spots on coffee leaves and typically reduces or eliminates coffee cherry yield. The image “coffee leaf rust defoliation” by Michael C. Wright is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Colombian coffee leaders are urging growers to turn to disease-resistant coffee varieties upon the discovery of new, more aggressive variants of the coffee leaf rust (CLR) fungus.

The troubling findings come from Cenicafé, the Colombian national coffee research institution of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). The group says it has identified six new races (a.k.a. subspecies) of leaf rust in the country, plus nine

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What Researchers Learned from the Remarkable Stenophylla TastingDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Harvest C stenophylla_CRB coffea, Reunion Island (∏CRB Coffea, IRD-CIRAD)

The dark fruit of Coffea Stenophylla, which resembles arabica in size and perhaps in quality. All images courtesy of CIRAD.

More than two years after the rediscovery of what’s being popularly referred to as the “lost coffee species” — formally Coffea Stenophylla — researchers have triumphantly offered a potential gustatory alternative to the arabica coffee species in the face of long-term climate change.

If we dolefully accept the underlying assumptions that climate change is going to dramatically reshape agricultural landscapes, disrupt markets, further strain agricultural producers and present a broader existential threat to all of humanity, this is great news!

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