Julians Restaurant showcasing Pueblo chiles, vegetarian fare and art

Whether it’s the homemade tortillas or the vegetarian green chile made with Pueblo chiles that draws customers to Julians Restaurant, 2111 W. Northern Ave., they always get a healthy dose of art with their meals. 

The former Herrera’s eatery was bought by Cat Tamasonis and her husband, Daniel Arellano, five years ago. At the time, she was working as a nurse for a nursing home and he was working for the city’s water treatment plant. 

“I had had a chocolate store in Washington state and never thought of doing Mexican food or any type of restaurant. My sister Betty

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Nathan’s Famous is relaunching a classic fast-food restaurant chain

(NEXSTAR) – Hungry for a bit of nostalgia?

Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips, a quick-service restaurant chain that once boasted over 800 locations around the country, is being relaunched as part of a virtual restaurant concept spearheaded by Nathan’s Famous.

In bringing the brand back, Nathan’s Famous initially plans to offer the Arthur Treacher’s menu at ghost-kitchen locations, many of which will be offering items from other restaurant brands in the Nathan’s Famous “portfolio.”

Nathan’s has also “revamped” the traditional Arthur Treacher’s menu to feature “upgraded proteins” and put more

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New restaurant at Dr. Wilkinson’s in Calistoga offers ‘healthy comfort food’ | Food

“I feel like it has a little dash of Palm Springs thrown in,” Logan said.

Logan’s menu is a match for the resort’s adopted “detox and retox” mantra. The idea is to detoxify your body with spa treatments and healthy food so you are ready to take on wine country. Or, take on wine country, then detoxify, repeat as necessary.

“It’s all about finding a balance,” Logan said. “Detox so we can retox. Having fun with it and being self-aware that we all want to cleanse, and we all want to play. This is, after all, wine country.”

Many of

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The Patent Pending Team Opens a Mostly Vegetarian Mexican Restaurant in Nomad

Seeyamañana opens in Nomad today

The team behind Nomad’s popular underground cocktail bar Patent Pending has opened a Mexican restaurant next door, where tacos and tostadas are made mostly meat-free.

Located on the basement level of 49 West 27th Street, near Sixth Avenue, Seeyamañana is turning its attention to marinated fruits and root vegetables. Here, chef Carlos Chavarria is making tacos stuffed with lesser-seen fillings — including poblano pepper, apple, raisin, and banana — alongside a selection of limey, vegetarian ceviches. Patent Pending owner Ryan McKenzie is handling drinks at the new restaurant, which include leveled-up micheladas and frozen mezcal

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Woodlands Indian restaurant review: A vegetarian menu that deserves to be close to your heart

The weekends were the time to find yourself at Woodlands. Veg-heads, Hindus, College Park students and lovers of South Indian cooking would all gather at the restaurant, perhaps after temple or as part of larger day trips to eat, pray, love and shop (though probably not in that order). They all arrived for the same thing: owner Anand Poojary’s buffet, a sumptuous spread of more than 25 dishes, each one a rebuke to the notion that meat is somehow mandatory for any cuisine of great depth and diversity.

At $14.95 a pop — a price that wouldn’t even cover your

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Phoenix vegetarian restaurant The Coronado will move to Tuck Shop spot

Coronado neighborhood favorite Tuck Shop has been dark for months, but now it’s clear the restaurant won’t be reopening.

Tuck Shop was located at the southeast corner of 12th and Oak streets near downtown Phoenix. The neighborhood spot had been open for more than ten years and was known for its cozy atmosphere and modern American food.

The Coronado, a vegan and vegetarian cafe located just a few blocks away on 7th Street and Monte Vista Road, will take over the space in May. 

In the past year, The Coronado battled through challenges ranging from the coronavirus pandemic to an

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