Starbucks’s Secret Honey Bee Cold Brew Review


Starbucks is always announcing exciting coffee news, and this year, the craze has been all around the chain’s new oat milk and honey blend beverages. Infused with honey, the new Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew reigns as one of the lowest-calorie drinks on the menu and has been receiving praise from coffee-lovers and baristas since its debut. So much so, the baristas at invented the secret Honey Bee Cold Brew, which plays on all the honey-flavored ingredients Starbucks has to offer such as drizzled honey and toasted honey shavings. Yum, right?! I don’t order off the secret menu too

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Woodlands Indian restaurant review: A vegetarian menu that deserves to be close to your heart

The weekends were the time to find yourself at Woodlands. Veg-heads, Hindus, College Park students and lovers of South Indian cooking would all gather at the restaurant, perhaps after temple or as part of larger day trips to eat, pray, love and shop (though probably not in that order). They all arrived for the same thing: owner Anand Poojary’s buffet, a sumptuous spread of more than 25 dishes, each one a rebuke to the notion that meat is somehow mandatory for any cuisine of great depth and diversity.

At $14.95 a pop — a price that wouldn’t even cover your

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Emma Chamberlain Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Review

More than a year into the pandemic, I can confidently say that I’ve now become a master of easy coffee drinks. One of the brands that came to mind on my hunt for ready-made caffeinated beverages was Emma Chamberlain‘s company Chamberlain Coffee and her popular cold brew recipe.

If you haven’t seen Emma’s YouTube videos already, the 19-year-old star shares candid moments of her life in vlogs that are frequently dominated by coffee. Before starting her day, the influencer-turned-entrepreneur will always prepare a cup of Joe. Her love for coffee has led to the launch of her very own

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