This hip-hop coffee shop pays for free therapy, one cup at a time

A Chicago coffee shop that focuses on mental health wants to make sure its customers have a place to “talk about hard stuff.”

Christopher LeMark, the founder of “Coffee, Hip-Hop and Mental Health,” has dealt with trauma for much of his life after being “abandoned and abused for a span of 12 years.” LeMark said that he didn’t know either of his parents and struggled with “a lot of complications,” including “physical, mental and emotional abuse” for 30 years of his life.

In 2018, that trauma caught up to him, and he “started crying uncontrollably” in a Starbucks in Chicago’s

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‘A leap of faith:’ Apopka coffee shop opens during pandemic serving up family recipes

APOPKA, Fla. – Danielle Bjork is pouring love and family history into her Apopka coffee shop.

She said she took a leap of faith after opening her business during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brewing a dream

Bjork said she has always had a strong connection to coffee after her grandmother introduced her to the caffeinated beverage when she was six years old.

“She’s drank coffee my whole life. I’ve never not seen her with a cup of coffee,” Bjork said.

Bjork said coffee and desserts were two staples at any family event. She recalls everyone racing to get

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Shop the Heartland: Zen Coffee Company

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Good vibes and great coffee. That’s the recipe to the success of a Metro coffee shop.

But it’s the coffee flights at Zen Coffee Company that really has the business taking off.

Coffee is Abby McLeay’s passion.

“I love it. I just drink it all day, it never stops,” McLeay chuckled.

Four months ago, she opened her second coffee shop.

The name? Something she admits she needed more of.

“It was kind of like me and the corporate world. I just needed a moment of zen,” McLeay recalled.

She found it with Zen Coffee Company.


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Maven Coffee Works Settles Down with First Permanent Shop in KalispellDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Maven Coffee Works

Inside the new Maven Coffee Works shop filled with all kinds of knicknacks, curios and baubles in Kalispell, Montana. All images courtesy of Maven Coffee Works.

The first permanent retail coffee bar by Maven Coffee Works unfurled like a fresh green leaf earlier this Spring in Kalispell, Montana.

On the alley side of an old brick building, new glass garage doors slide up in good weather to expose a space decorated with driftwood, motorcycles, antiques and curios collected over the years by Maven founder, roaster and arborist Rob Brennecke.

The former United States Forest Service ranger and smoke-jumper shifted from

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Colorado’s Best Coffee Shop Is Located in Fort Collins

We won’t have to go far to get that perfect cup.

Are you a coffee lover? I gotta tell you, one of my favorite things about the day is a long, hot cup of coffee in the morning. As I sip that strong, sweet nectar it’s almost a spiritual experience. It’s a moment that I can take to center myself before I have to show up for anyone else throughout the day. I love it, I live for it, and don’t talk to me before I’ve had it.

Feel the same?

If you do, I’m sure you have your perfect

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Dallas coffee shop owner agrees to ‘explore’ changing erroneously named Vietnamese coffee

After Dallas coffee shop Toasted was outed on Yelp for improperly making its Vietnamese coffee, restaurant owner Bob Sinnott said in a Dallas Morning News interview on April 23 that he “will explore changing it.”

The issue was brought to light after Vietnamese-American woman Melody Vo wrote in a Yelp review in mid-April 2021 that Toasted’s Vietnamese coffee is made by blending cold brew and condensed milk. She says traditional Vietnamese coffee, or cà phê sua dá, is made by pouring brewed coffee through a phin — which she describes as “kind of like a French press” — into a

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